Mitacs Elevate Research Grants to Hire PhD Fellows

Senior business man discussing project on laptop with staffMitacs, is a national non-profit organization, provides research and development funding support to develop industry and academic partnerships. Since 1999, Mitacs has provided over $52 million in funding to support their mandate. The Mitacs Elevate program provides an opportunity for industry partners to collaborate with a post doctorate student to work on a research project over a two year period.

Mitacs Elevate Government Funding for Research and Development -Overview

The funding from the Mitacs Elevate program provides the post-doctorate student with an income and some funds to support the research efforts. The student must spend at least 50% of their time working at the location of the industry partner. Because of the shared time, Mitacs Elevate applicants must be located in the same province as the university the student is attending.

Mitacs Elevate Funding for Research and Development – Details

Mitacs Elevate is a cost-shared grant program between Mitacs and the industry partner. The industry partner provides $30,000 a year for two years – total of $60,000. Mitacs provides $50,000. Applications for the Mitacs Elevate program are accepted in the spring and fall. Deadlines for applying to the program are updated annually.

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