7 Automotive Manufacturers Awarded Southern Ontario Business Grants

Southwestern Ontario Business Grants for Automotive Suppliers

Automotive businesses are heavily incentivized by all levels of government to promote critical large-scale investments. There are several small business grants and loans that automotive manufacturers can apply for, including the popular Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF).

SWODF is a catalyst for business investment in Ontario and recently provided government grants to seven automotive manufacturers in Windsor-Essex county. These companies will receive a combined $7.8 million in Ontario business funding for projects such as new technology adoption and employee training programs.

The successfully government-funded projects, detailed below, are prime candidates for the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund because of their ability to create and retain high-value jobs, secure business investment, and enhance their innovative abilities.

SWODF Ontario Business Grants: Successful Automotive Manufacturers

The seven businesses who were successfully awarded SWODF grants include:

Astrex Inc. Receives $1.5 Million in SWODF Ontario Business Funding

Astrex Inc. is a joint venture between Can Art Aluminum Extrusion and Constellium, two high-strength aluminium parts manufacturers operating in Southwestern Ontario.

The partnership is investing $28.4 million into their Windsor, Ontario operations, which includes acquiring a new facility, purchasing and installing equipment, and training employees. The project is expected create 62 new jobs over four years.

The Electromac Group – $1.5 Million SWODF Business Grant Recipients

Electromac is a full-service hot and cold-stamping services provider for the automotive industry. Their broad range of metal forming capabilities provide clients with solutions that are on time, on budget, and specific to the needs of each project.

$1.5 million in SWODF grants will help Electromac expand its facility and purchase/install three hot stamping production lines to meet increased demand. The project will invest over $15.4 million over 5 years and is expected to create 30 new jobs and retain 191 positions.

Ventra Group – $1.5 Million SWODF Business Grants Awarded

Global automotive manufacturer, Ventra Group, supplies a range of engineered mechanical assemblies, including precision plastic components and lamp systems. The company stamps, welds, and assembles metal automotive parts.

Ontario is investing $1.5 million to help Ventra Group upgrade facilities and purchase new equipment. Their proposed project incorporates the commercialization of an experimental high-strength steel that is new to the automotive industry. The project will invest more than $31.9 million in Ontario’s economy and will create 37 jobs and retain 179 positions over four years.

Lakeside Plastics – $1.28 Million in SWODF Ontario Government Grants

Lakeside Plastics manufactures automotive interior trim parts. The tier 1 and 2 manufacturer creates seamless integrations for all components to create simple or complex assemblies.

Ontario business grants will provide an additional $1.28 million to help Lakeside Plastics purchase new machinery, effectively expanding their capabilities and improving their competitiveness. The company’s project will create 55 jobs and retain 305 positions over a four years.

Integrity Tool and Mold – $1.1 Million in Ontario Business Funding

Integrity Tool and Mold manufactures plastic injection molding for the automotive industry. Their global headquarters, based out of Windsor, Ontario is home to several of their most innovative equipment lines and is also the company’s primary engineering facility.

More than $1.1 million will be provided through SWODF to help Integrity Tool and Mold upgrade equipment and manufacture higher quality molds. The project is valued at more than $16.6 million and is expected to create 52 new jobs while retaining 317 positions over three years.

JD Norman Canada – $480,000 Small Business Funding Awarded

JD Norman Canada manufactures connecting rods and other metal components for the automotive sector. The company has operations throughout North America and the United Kingdom, but has recently focused on expanding their Canadian operations.

With up to $480,000 in assistance from the Government of Ontario, the company will invest more than $4.8 million to acquire new equipment and increase production. 14 jobs will be created and another 85 jobs will be retained over five years.

Essex Weld Solutions – $450,000 in SWODF Government Grants

Essex Weld Solutions manufactures automotive racking products, including metal racks, baskets, and containers. With multiple manufacturing plants running two shifts daily, Essex Weld is a Canadian leader in time-sensitive automotive racking development.

Ontario business grants totalling up to $450,000 will help Essex Weld Solutions expand and purchase state-of-the-art fibre optic laser cutting machines. This investment will enable the company to increase production and implement cost-cutting robotic welding processes. Essex Weld will invest more than $4.5 million towards the project which is expected to create 20 jobs and retain 110 positions over three years.

About the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund

Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF) grants are meant to attract business investments and strengthen the province’s economy. SWODF funding provides up to 15% of a business’ project expenses to a maximum $1.5 million in Ontario government grants. Businesses with significant project expenses may also receive up to $3.5 million in repayable funding.

To qualify for the government funding program, companies must have operations in Southwestern Ontario. Projects most likely to receive SWODF grants include investments in innovative equipment/machinery that enables the company to become more efficient and increase productivity. The project must also have a net positive effect on employee counts through the maintenance of existing jobs while also creating new positions.

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