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Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program Research Grants Ontario

Development and commercialization of innovative technologies is often a complex process that requires multiple contributors. While most Canadian firms choose to innovate independently, working with research partners offers several benefits. Not only do collaborative research and development projects support improved project outcomes, but they also help control costs and offer new commercialization opportunities.

Fortunately, the Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program (OICP) is available to assist Canadian companies as they engage in research partnerships with businesses from Israel. The program seeks projects that align to priority areas where new technologies can have profound impacts on the market. For proposals submitted in 2018, projects must focus on the agri-food industry or advanced manufacturing (including robotics).

Through OICP, Ontario businesses can receive up to 50% of eligible research costs to a maximum $300,000. Israeli companies are also eligible for local funding to support project deliverables.

To apply for the OICP program, eligible Ontario-based companies must have an established research partnership with an Israeli company. If your business does not have a research partnership, consider starting with the Going Global Innovation program or work with Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) to help identify a partner. OICP has a two-stage application process; to get started, applicants need to submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) by November 1, 2018.

What is the Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program?

The Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program (OICP) is a research and development funding program. It offers research grants to Ontario small and medium-sized businesses that leverage the technological expertise of Israeli companies for a specific project. Projects should focus on the development and commercialization of products and processes that enhance business competitiveness.

Ontario businesses can apply for up to $300,000 in research and development grants. Israeli companies do not have access to these funds but can receive funding through a similar Israel-based government funding program.

At the time of application, Ontario businesses must have a formalized research partnership with an Israel-based business. Once the project/partnership has been approved by OCE, partners will have up to two years to complete the project. Upon project completion, partners should be ready to commercialize the results and use them to improve global competitiveness.

Business Eligibility for OICP Research Grants

To participate in the Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program, Ontario businesses must:

  • Have fewer than 500 full-time employee equivalents (FTEs);
  • Maintain at least 50% of FTEs working and living in Ontario;
  • Conduct research and development activities in Ontario;
  • Secure a research partnership with a company from Israel; and
  • Contribute the remaining 50% or more in research costs not covered through OICP.

Projects Eligible for OICP Research and Development Funding

To qualify for the Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program, research projects must:

  • Address a research priority area (either agri-food or advanced manufacturing);
  • Develop innovative technologies;
  • Provide economic benefits in Ontario and Israel; and
  • Take place in Ontario and Israel.

How to Apply for the Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program

Businesses interested in participating in the Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program should already have a partnership in place or have one nearly finalized. There must be a formal agreement established between both parties at the time of application. To kick-off the application process, companies must meet with an OCE Business Development Manager who will provide application forms.

Ontario companies must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) no later than November 1, 2018 to be considered for funding. After this deadline, selected partnerships must provide more details on the project through a full application. These applications will determine which applicants receive funding.

To learn more about the Ontario-Israel Collaboration Program and how your business can optimize the application process, please contact Mentor Works.

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