Tech Startups in Ontario to Benefit from $7.5M Government & VC Investment

$300k in Funding to Support Ontario Tech Startups

The Georgian Angel Network is a non-profit organization comprised of angel investors. The group provides expert knowledge and resources to support innovative tech startups in central Ontario.

FedDev Ontario’s Investing in Business Innovation (IBI) program recently provided the Georgian Angel Network with a $300,000 federal investment. The organization will use this amount to attract 18 new angel investors who will invest $7.5 million in startup funding.

FedDev Ontario’s contribution will increase resources available to young businesses, foster business growth, and accelerate product commercialization. The Georgian Angel Network anticipates it will now be able to invest in and mentor 34 tech startups.

Georgian Angel Network Accelerates Tech Startups

Since 2009, The Georgian Angel Network has mentored early-stage manufacturing and technology businesses in Barrie, Collingwood, Orangeville and Perry Sound regions. The organization is comprised of venture capitalists, whose expertise and financial investments provide equity capital to foster business growth and introduce new innovative technologies to market.

For high-potential early stage businesses, angel investments accelerate technology and/or product commercialization, create quality jobs, refine business knowledge and strategies, and increase profitability.

FedDev Ontario has previously supported the organization with a $350,000 investment, which allowed the non-profit committee to attract 21 accredited investor members. To date, the organization’s members have supported 23 startup companies invested more than $8 million.

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$300k in Government Funding Used to Grow the Georgian Angel Network

FedDev Ontario’s $300,000 contribution through the Investing in Business Innovation initiative will allow the Georgian Angel Network to position Ontario as a leader in business innovation. High-potential startups will have increased access to capital, allowing them to expand their workforces and upscale production.

The Georgian Angel Network anticipates government funding will attract up to 18 new angel investors and increase investment funds to $7.5 million.

Based on these figures, the network will have the capacity to mentor 34 businesses; these startups will have the ability to increase their industry knowledge and competitiveness.

“This funding will support our continued investment in high-potential start-up companies through 2019. We will continue to work with our commercialization ecosystem partners in educating, mentoring and financing promising Ontario startups.”
– Sandy Robertson, Managing Director, Georgian Angel Network

Startup Funding Checklist

Government funding for early-stage businesses is limited, however there are other startup funding resources available for young Canadian businesses. To align your business towards eligibility for government grants and incentives, we encourage startups to download our Startup Funding Checklist, which covers all the top factors your business needs to address before it can apply for traditional funding programs.

Canadian Government Funding for Startups

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