Changes to Alberta Innovates: Research and Development Funding

Alberta Innovates: Small Business Research Grants

Alberta Innovates is a provincially-funded catalyst for innovative research and development. The corporation administers Alberta government funding programs to small and mid-sized enterprises (SMEs) and operates two applied research subsidiaries to help businesses execute their innovative projects.

On November 1, 2016, Alberta Innovates consolidated its four previous corporations – Bio Solutions, Energy and Environment Solutions, Health Solutions, and Alberta Technology Futures – into one centrally-controlled organization. As a result, Alberta technology entrepreneurs will gain increased access to funding and support services to accelerate projects and bring innovations to market faster.

Alberta research funding may still be accessed by innovative SMEs who are in the biotechnology, healthcare, energy, and advanced technology sectors. Organizations may be able to secure government funding contributions through the program to further researching, testing, and preparing their innovation for commercialization.

Changes to Alberta Innovates Research Grants and Loans

Alberta Innovates is a non-profit corporation, funded through the Government of Alberta, that helps to execute the province’s research and innovation priorities. Over time, the organization grew to administer several government funding programs and provide businesses access to applied research subsidiaries.

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To enhance their organizational structure, Alberta Innovates combined its four small business funding corporations into one. This will enhance the communication and shared resources, making the process of accessing grants and incentives more streamlined.

Alberta Innovates Funding: Industry Focus Areas

As per the new program configuration, Alberta Innovates now considers its previous four funding corporations to be industry ‘focus areas’. These include:

  • Bio Solutions;
  • Health Solutions;
  • Energy and Environment Solutions; and
  • Technology Futures.

Alberta Innovates: Suite of Alberta Government Funding Programs

Alberta small business grants and incentives previously offered through Alberta Innovates may still be accessed through the new organization structure. This includes the:

  • Product Demonstration Program;
  • Industry Commercialization Associates Program;
  • Industry R&D Associates Program;
  • The Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative Program;
  • Alberta-Ontario Innovation Program;
  • Alberta-Jalisco Innovation & Commercialization Program;
  • Alberta-Zhejiang Global Partnership Program;
  • Health Product Development Program;
  • Clinical Demonstration Program;
  • Micro-Voucher Program; and
  • Voucher Program.

Please Note: More information will be available on each of these streams in an upcoming Alberta Innovates overview blog.

Businesses Eligible for Alberta Innovates Small Business Funding

Although eligibility requirements differ for each stream of funding, Alberta Innovates will typically only accept project proposals from employers who:

  • Have a physical presence in Alberta;
  • Are a for-profit small or mid-sized business (SME);
  • Are incorporated within Canada;
  • Have a track record of profitability;
  • Are developing new technologies or growing new markets with disruptive innovation.

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