Why GHG Consultants Should Become Qualified by the CME SMART Green Grant

CME SMART Green Program for GHG Solutions

Please Note: The CME SMART Green program is now closed. Please explore active government funding programs.

The CME SMART Green Program assists Ontario-based manufacturers to adopt innovative technologies that increase productivity and reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs). Manufacturers may apply for up to 50% of project expenses to a maximum $200,000 per facility, or up to $500,000 for multiple facilities.

In order to be approved for CME SMART Green grants, manufacturers require third party operational assessments to calculate current GHG emission levels. These assessments must be completed at arm’s length from the applicant, so the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) association has created an application process to become a CME SMART Green Qualified Technical Service Provider (QTSP).

Manufacturing consultants and other professional service providers can apply to become a QTSP. Once verified by CME, QTSPs can become a preferred vendor for the CME SMART Green Program and will receive endorsement from CME, the leading industry association for Canadian manufacturers. Manufacturers can learn more about the program by reading Mentor Works’ recently updated CME SMART Green resources.

What is the CME SMART Green Program and What Role do Service Providers Play?

CME SMART Green grants are funded through the Province of Ontario and managed by the Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters (CME) association. Small and mid-sized manufacturers operating in southern Ontario may receive CME SMART Green funding through 2 streams:

  1. SMART Green Assessment Projects: All CME SMART Green applicants must receive a GHG assessment to monitor baseline emissions. For this activity alone, manufacturers may receive up to 50% of assessment costs, to a maximum $10,000.
  2. SMART Green Capital Projects: Once a GHG assessment has been completed, manufacturers may apply for funding to assist the adoption of new energy efficient technologies or processes. Manufacturers may be able to receive up to $200,000 for one facility’s capital project, or up to a maximum $500,000 for a multi-facility project.

Consultants looking to become a Qualified Technical Service Provider for the CME SMART Green program will therefore fall into one of two categories of services:

1. Assessing GHG Emissions

Since all SMART Green projects require GHG assessments, (either alone or as the first stage of a capital adoption project) QTSPs have an opportunity to provide these GHG assessments to qualified companies.

For capital adoption projects, GHG assessments are required before and after the technology implementation. By comparing baseline levels to the GHG output upon project completion, the QTSP will be able to report how significant GHG reductions were.

Manufacturing consultants must be reviewed by CME and deemed a QTSP prior to completing an operational assessment for CME SMART Green applicants.

2. Assessing & Implementing GHG Reduction Solutions

Likewise, QTSPs can also provide efficiency assessments to determine the best ways to achieve GHG reduction targets and implement those solutions.

Manufacturing efficiency assessments review how technologies or processes could impact a manufacturer’s productivity or energy efficiency, then suggests ways to reduce production-related GHG emissions.

Independent engineers or other technology consultants are good candidates to become a CME SMART Green QTSP if they have a strong track record with performing GHG assessments. These professionals can help guide manufacturers to select the right piece of equipment or process for them to reduce GHGs and improve productivity.

How to Become a CME SMART Green Program QTSP

To become a QTSP for CME, professional consultants are encouraged to submit an online application. Applications are relatively simple to prepare; consultants are asked to submit a background on their company, a C.V. for any consultants included, and a list of experience dealing with GHG emissions-related projects.

CME reviews each application rigorously, and upon approval, service providers can begin performing CME SMART Green assessments.

Do You Qualify to Become a QTSP?

Qualified Technical Service Providers must:

  • Operate at a distance from funding applicants;
  • Be a registered consulting business;
  • Have at least two years of experience monitoring and verification of Energy and Greenhouse Gas savings projects; and
  • Must have a verifiable GHG-related experience (P.Eng, CSA GHG-IQ Certification, LEED Certification, IPCC or ISO 14064 Certification).

Current Qualified Technical Service Providers

CME SMART Green has released a list of QTSPs manufacturers can use to perform assessments. Manufacturing consultants can build an advantage over their competition by joining QTSPs on this list, since being a QTSP is an excellent endorsement of your services.

Accelerate Your Clients’ CME SMART Green Grants Applications

CME SMART Green QTSPs have a significant opportunity to network with Ontario’s top small and mid-sized manufacturers. Performing SMART Green assessments will allow you to serve more clients and gain exposure as a manufacturing services leader.

Better still, QTSPs are able to identify a source of Canadian government grants for their clients to use and offset service fees. Through the CME SMART Green Program, manufacturers may receive up to 50% of eligible project expenses. This funding will help accelerate projects and create a positive working relationship between QTSP and client.

CME SMART Green Grant Funding Applications

Mentor Works can help manufacturers confirm their eligibility for the CME SMART Green Program. If you are a QTSP for a client who needs application writing assistance, please contact Mentor Works.

Our team of Canadian Government Funding Planners are well acquainted with the CME SMART Green program and can help you deliver a strong case for GHG reduction projects.

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