Call for Proposals: SD Tech Fund Grants from the Canadian Government

bigstock-Solar-cells-on-a-roof-behind-s-8934664Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC) is a not-for-profit organization that aims to find and help fund clean and sustainable technology solutions that benefit the Canadian economy as well as the health and well-being of Canada’s citizens.

“Cleantech ensures the economic viability and environmental responsibility of Canada’s major sectors, including natural resources and manufacturing. This creates jobs, revenues and export possibilities for Canadian companies. ”

– Jane E. Pagel, Acting President and CEO of SDTC

SD Tech Fund Grants from the Canadian Government: Call for Proposals Until October 15, 2014

The SD Tech Fund has opened its window for Statements of Intent until October 15, 2014. In order to qualify for coverage of eligible project costs projects must address the challenges of Clean Air, Soil, Water and Climate Change. Note: The SD Tech Fund, on average, will fund up to 33% of project costs, but never more than 50%.

SD Tech Fund Canadian Government Grants: Success Stories

Since 2002, The SD Tech Fund has allocated over a half a billion dollars to more than 200 projects across the nation to help commercialize Canadian clean technologies, preparing them for growth and export markets. Here are some of the most recent projects offered grants from the Canadian government through the SD Tech Fund:

Waterloo-based Ubiquity Solar Inc. Receives $3.1 million for Project Benefiting Climate Change/ Clean Air

Ubiquity Solar of Waterloo, Ontario recently developed new solar technology that uses monocrystalline silicon to convert sunlight into electricity. Clearly, these further improvements to the efficiency of solar energy will lead to cost benefits for users as well as environmental benefits for citizens of Canada.

Toronto’s Electro-Kinetic Solutions Receives $2.1 million for Demonstration of technology that Separates Water from Oil Sands Tailings

With the help of a $2.1 million contribution from SDTC Electro-Kinetic Solutions (EKS) of Toronto will demonstrate their low current electrode ray which will separate water from oil sands tailings while simultaneously compacting the solids. The new technique has the potential to reduce the costs of treating oil sands tailings and help recover significant amounts of water for reuse.

Cleeve Technologies of Oshawa, ON Receives $710,000 for New, More Environmentally Safe De-Coating Process for Aircrafts

In order to preserve the structural integrity of air crafts their protective coating must be removed and re-applied regularly. Unfortunately, the de-coating process results in hazardous waste. Oshawa’s Cleeve Technologies’ new process utilizes a process that includes the use of robotics and lasers to remove protective coatings at a fraction of the cost, while keeping the negative environmental impact to a minimum.

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