Skills Link – Canadian Government Funding for Community Development

The Federal Government of Canada is sponsoring small businesses looking to hire young Canadians for full-time positions that would help to develop their skills and gain workplace experience through small business grants for hiring. The Skills Link Program is currently accepting applications for funding from small businesses that are offering jobs within a high demand field.

Ontario Government Funding Program Details

The Skills Link Program provides financial assistance to businesses in the form of small business funding grants and wage subsidies for training and hiring young individuals who are facing barriers to employment. Participating organizations are expected to create a workplace environment that would promote the development of workplace skills and knowledge to improve the overall employability of the program’s participants. Businesses that are accepted can receive funding for the following project activities:

A. Community-Based Planning

Maximum funding of $50K over a three-year period to develop a local partnership that would address the regional problems faced with regards to the employment integration of young people.

B. Pre-operational Assistance

Maximum funding of $10K over a period of 12 weeks for the required research and investment to fully develop and address the barriers and problems faced by the initial community plan.

C.  Employment Services for Youth

This project activity can be separated into two separate categories:

  • Youth Outreach and Client Assessment Services
  • Case Management and Employment Sessions.

Both of these categories are aimed at engaging priority groups within the community to ensure engagement and significant progress throughout the project lifespan. Each of these categories can provide from $400-700 per individual served.

D. Employment Interventions for Youth

This project activity is comprised of a variety of workshops and seminars to ensure that participants are receiving support and taking the appropriate measures to become employed.

For more information on the Canadian government funding program, please refer to the Skills Link Program Terms & Conditions.

Canadian Business Funding Grants for Community Engagement

The Government of Canada is conducting a Call for Proposals from businesses that are interested in acting as Community Coordinators and receiving business funding grants for the delivery of Skills Link activities.  The Skills Link program is just one of the three program streams of the Youth Employment Strategy. For more information on this program or another Canadian Government Grants for Small Business Hiring, please contact a Mentor Works Government Funding Expert or sign up for a 60 Minute Small Business Funding Seminar.

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