Invest Canada Community Initiatives (ICCI): Attract Foreign Direct Investment

The Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada (DFAIT) is providing Canadian Government funding to increase employment opportunities within Canadian communities. The Invest Canada Community Initiative (ICCI) provides financial support to Canadian communities that are looking to develop a Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) strategy or a business retention and expansion program.

ICCI Ontario Government Funding Details

As of September 10, 2012, ICCI has begun accepting applications from Canadian communities looking to undertake collaborative efforts to attract, retain, and expand their foreign direct investment. Projects could receive anywhere between $3,000 – $300,000 in Canadian Government Funding Support. Priority will be given to those projects that involve the attraction or retention of businesses within the following industry sectors:

  • Advanced Manufacturing: aerospace and defence, automotive, machinery and equipment
  • Agrifood: Food and Drink Processing
  • Chemicals and Plastics
  • Clean Technologies: Renewable-energy technologies, environmental technologies
  • Information and Communication Technology: Digital media, software, wireless communications
  • Life Science: Biopharmaceuticals, medical devices
  • Services: Business services, financial services

Canadian Business Grants for International Marketing

Businesses are able to receive financial support for small business expansion by applying for the following grant funding programs for international expansion:

  • CME SMART Prosperity Now: Businesses can receive up to 1/3 of their eligible project expenses, up to a maximum of $75K towards the implementation of an international expansion project. Businesses are able to expense a variety of project costs including capital equipment and international marketing materials.
  • Export Market Access Program (EMA): The EMA program provides up to 50% of the eligible project costs, up to $30K, for an international marketing campaign. Businesses can expense various marketing and trade show materials as well as travel and accommodation allowances.
  • Going Global Innovation: GGI provides businesses with a maximum of $75K or 75% of the eligible project expenses for international collaboration and partnership development involving science and technology-based organizations.

To receive additional program details and funding advice, please contact an Ontario Government Funding Expert or register for one of our Small Business Funding Seminars. Businesses can also stay current with the latest in Ontario business funding grants by subscribing to our Weekly Canadian Government Funding E-Newsletter or by following us on Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

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