GF2 Small Business Grants Ontario for Food & Beverage Processors

bigstock-Milk-cheese-on-a-shelves-40115914If you are a food or beverage processor based in Ontario, your business should not merely consider accessing Ontario government funding, you must claim your share of incentives.

Over 40% of Ontario Food and Beverage Processors Access Ontario Business Grants

The food and beverage processing sector has been recognized as a growth engine for Ontario, and for Canada. Accordingly, while provincial funding priorities differ from year to year and from province to province, the food and beverage processing sector has earned its standing as an industry of special importance from coast to coast. For example, while manufacturers in Quebec were twice as likely to receive provincial grants compared with Ontario firms, food and beverage manufacturers were the only sector to draw even with over 40% of F&B manufacturers accessing provincial government grants.

Ontario Business Grants for F&B Processors: What Kind of Money is on the Table?

Small Business Grants Ontario are available through Growing Forward 2 Ontario to help off-set the costs of equipment purchases, third-party consulting, leasehold improvements, lean implementation, software enhancements, and adoption or adaption of processing equipment. Ontario-based companies with either primary or secondary processing capabilities are eligible for funding of up to $350K maximum contribution per incorporated business. Projects can take place over a maximum of 2 years and must be completed by March 31, 2018.

GF2 Case Studies: Here are examples of real Ontario small businesses that have put Ontario government grants through Growing Forward 2 Ontario to work for them.

Do You Have a Project that is Eligible for Growing Forward 2 Ontario?

There are two types of projects that can be funded through this program, “Capacity Building Projects” and “Project Implementation Projects.”

Capacity Building Projects for Food & Beverage Processors

The GF2 Ontario Capacity Building Stream is focused on helping food and food product processors investigate new processes and technology, or to develop new skills through training or education, to determine the potential effectiveness of a project. Eligible projects include: skills development and training, assessments/ audits, and planning.

Growing Forward 2 Funding Available through Capacity Building Projects: Details:

  • Amount: Up to 50% of project costs; Maximum lifetime funding from the program over 5 years is $350,000. For projects less than $20K, funding decisions will be made within 10 days.
  • Timeline: Accepting applications on an on-going basis.
  • Eligibility: Projects must fit with one of the 6 focus areas of Growing Forward 2.
  • Projects: Strategic planning, audits or assessments, training or skills development.

Please Note: Through this program a company may have more than one capacity building project approved and running at a time. Have more questions? Visit: FAQs about GF2 Capacity Building Projects for Processors Additional Details on Projects Eligible for GF2 Capacity Building Eligible projects include: skills development and training, assessments/ audits, and planning.

Project Implementation Projects for Food and Beverage Processors

The Project Implementation stream of Growing Forward 2 is designed to help Processors who have completed one or more capacity building activities, move forward and solve a risk or issue that was discovered in the Capacity Building Stage. Although it is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to complete a Capacity Building project before applying for the Growing Forward 2 Ontario Project Implementation stream.

  • Amount: 35% of project costs; up to 50% of project costs for Innovative projects to a maximum of $350,000 over the 5-year term of the funding, including Capacity Building and Project Implementation activities.
  • Timeline: Applications for the current intake period will be received until August 28, 2014.
  • Eligibility: Established Processors who have completed Capacity Building project(s) and want to resolve an issue discovered in that process, which fits with one of the focus areas of the Growing Forward 2 program.

Have more questions? Visit: FAQs about GF2 Project Implementation Projects for Processors Additional Details on Projects Eligible for GF2 Project Implementation Eligible projects will fit into one of the following focus areas: environment and climate change, animal and plant health, assurance systems, market development, labour productivity enhancement, and business leadership development.

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