Manitoba Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Fund (WRAPP)

Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Fund

In recent years, the Government of Manitoba has been dedicated to identifying ways to improve the province’s waste disposal practices. According to Statistics Canada’s 2015 report, Manitoba produces an average of 1,026,522 tonnes of waste per year. Although actions have been taken to support waste management solutions, businesses and municipalities require the government’s support to make a meaningful impact.

To accelerate waste management efforts, Manitoba has introduced government funding programs to support waste reduction and pollution prevention projects. The Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Fund (WRAPP) provides Manitoba government grants to businesses, municipalities, non-profits, and academic institutions to develop sustainable waste reducing practices. Additionally, WRAPP supports the implementation of clean technologies that provide positive environmental impacts.

Up to $25,000-$50,000 in Manitoba government grants are available to offset eligible project expenses.

Interested businesses can submit WRAPP project proposals anytime throughout the year; however, applications are only reviewed during WRAPP’s scheduled assessment periods. Project timelines should align with the review period, as project activities must occur after the applicant received formal funding approval in order to be eligible.

Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Fund

The Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Fund is a targeted funding program provided through Manitoba’s Sustainable Development Innovation Fund. Projects must demonstrate the environmental and economic benefits of waste prevention/reduction activities.

Government grants can be used to offset research, pre-commercialization technology development, and commercialization activities for WRAPP’s four top priority areas, including:

  1. Pollution Prevention: Up to $50,000 in Manitoba government funding to identify, analyze, and reduce the amount of pollution created by the applicant.
  2. Organic Waste Management and Composting: Up to $50,000 in government grants to increase the amount of organic materials, such as food.
  3. Construction and Demolition (C&D) Waste Management: Up to $50,000 to reduce the amount of construction waste sent for disposal.
  4. Model Integrated Waste Management System Development and Planning: Up to $25,000 in Manitoba government funding to form a waste management partnership between businesses and the government.

Ideal projects will demonstrate an innovative approach when integrating waste management and pollution prevention systems. Solutions should also be scalable and easily adoptable to encourage other communities to minimize their waste.

Applicants Eligible for WRAPP Funding

The Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Fund will accept applications from Manitoba-based:

  • Private and non-profit organizations;
  • Municipalities;
  • Provincial government departments (including Northern Affairs and First Nation communities);
  • Academic institutions;
  • Industrial, institutional, or commercial organizations; and
  • Community associations.

Please Note: Any individuals or groups that are not listed above may be qualified to submit a joint application with an eligible applicant.

How to Apply to the Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Program

Applications for the Waste Reduction and Pollution Prevention Fund can be submitted at any time. To be considered for funding, eligible applicants are required to submit a detailed project proposal and budget.

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