Client Spotlight: The Supplierpipeline (SPi) Group

SPi Group decided to collaborate with Mentor Works to discover funding mechanisms that could help them with their innovation challenges, as well as support their top five strategic initiatives. Bernadeen McLeod, principle of Mentor Works, helped to find them relevant opportunities that were geared towards training, productivity improvements, product development, and market development in the United States.

“Bernadeen made navigating through the maze of funding opportunities simple.” -Marian Marshall, VP Strategic Development, SPi Group

SPi Group was able to secure three different sources of governmental support to meet their needs. Only one meeting per project was required and a few follow up conversations to prepare the applications for submission. This simple process, combined with the high return on investment were SPi Group’s primary reasons for choosing Mentor Works, as they received a well-defined plan of action with expert knowledge to back it up.

“Mentor Works provided us an ongoing window into funding idiosyncrasies and availability expertise.”

The company has already secured $100,000 of funding in the last fiscal year and will easily double this amount within the next couple of months.

To learn about the government funding opportunities that can help grow your business, please attend Mentor Works’ complementary 60 minutes informational workshop on government funding or contact us directly. Also, please scan through our government funding section for a preview of the different funding mechanisms currently available to Canadian businesses.


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