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Virtual Reality Opportunities for Technology Developers

Virtual reality (VR) systems are receiving a flood of attention from software and technology developers. As one of the most exciting emerging sectors in the information and communications technology (ICT) industry, VR is benefitting from considerable investment with the expectation that it will become a multi-billion-dollar space within the next

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Accessible Technology Program (ATP) Grants: Funding FAQs

The Accessible Technology Program (ATP) provides innovators with Canadian government funding to research and develop devices that help persons with disabilities thrive in digital-based roles. It seeks innovators across the country to conceptualize, develop, and commercialize devices that have a significant impact on the productivity and capabilities of disabled persons

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Virtual Reality Technology Development Timeline

Virtual reality has evolved from science fiction to one of the most entertaining and educational platforms available. But the ascension of virtual realities hasn’t been as quick as many believe; there have been decades of labour-intensive research and development projects behind contemporary VR systems. While the pursuit of computer-generated, immersive

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