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Virtual Reality Technology Development Timeline

Virtual reality has evolved from science fiction to one of the most entertaining and educational platforms available. But the ascension of virtual realities hasn’t been as quick as many believe; there have been decades of labour-intensive research and development projects behind contemporary VR systems. While the pursuit of computer-generated, immersive

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Qualify for the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Fund

The Interactive Digital Media Fund provides Ontario government grants for businesses that are conceptualizing or producing interactive digital media content. Through two unique streams, the program provides small business funding worth up to 50% of project expenses to plan and produce content. Ontario companies may wish to pursue this opportunity if

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Interactive Digital Media Fund: 2016 Application Deadlines

Update: Please access this article to learn when to apply for Interactive Digital Media Funding this year.
Supporting innovative projects and businesses within Ontario’s digital media industry, the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) provides a variety of Ontario government funding and business resources to media companies within the province. One of

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Ontario Interactive Digital Media Tax Credit: 2015 Budget Changes

Ontario’s digital media production industry provides the province with substantial economic benefits. Digital media contributes over $1.5 billion to the Ontario economy on an annual basis and provides full-time employment to more than 16,000 Ontarians.

To enhance the competitiveness of Ontario corporations producing digital media, the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC)

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Is Computer Code Canada’s Next Official Language?

Last week, British Columbia’s Premier Christy Clark announced that the province’s public schools will begin to teach computer coding classes to students in kindergarten to Grade 12. Starting in September 2016, they’ll join New Brunswick and Nova Scotia as the first provinces in Canada to embrace technical education for young

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Finding Top Talent in the World of Work-Craft

Technology is a driving force in society that changes how we perceive and interact with the world. It forces us to re-evaluate what people are capable of, because modern technology is constantly improving productivity and the creative abilities of the global population. It enables us to connect, share ideas, learn,

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