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Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund: 2020 Deadlines

The Interactive Digital Media (IDM) Fund provides provincial government funding to assist with the conceptualization and development of interactive digital media projects. These Ontario business grants support innovative projects that focus on products and/or services that will educate and entertain end users. Funded projects should offer original interactive digital media

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What is the Ontario Creates IDM Fund: Futures Program?

New entrants to Ontario’s interactive digital media community must overcome steep knowledge and financial hurdles. There are many obstacles to tackle before software and game developers can launch their first product; this is often a long and complicated process where innovators must tap into several organizations and resources for support.


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Interactive Digital Media Fund: Ontario Software Grants

Ontario’s interactive digital media industry is growing rapidly. A recent study found that it contributed $1.4 billion towards Ontario’s GDP in 2015 (up from $917 million in 2010), and supports nearly 11,000 full-time equivalents (FTE) employees. Continuing this success by driving innovation is a key to maintaining a strong, sustainable industry

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Interactive Digital Media Fund: Global Market Development Grants

Digital media developers often struggle to grow their businesses internationally. This missed opportunity can significantly limit revenues and reduce future growth potential; however, government incentives exist to help remove international market barriers. Organizations such as the Ontario Creates (formerly OMDC) provide access to government funding to offset expenses to improve

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OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund: When to Apply in 2017

The Interactive Digital Media Fund (IDMF) is an Ontario government funding program supporting the development of interactive digital media projects that educate, inform, and/or entertain end users. Applicants are encouraged to apply during two annual intake periods to secure additional project funding and improve their final product.

The Interactive Digital Media Fund

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Interactive Digital Media Fund Deadline: October 11, 2016

Update: Please access this article for current intakes of the Interactive Digital Media Fund.
Digital technologies are transforming the way that people live, work, and consume information. To help media production companies keep up with the shift towards interactive, digital content, government grants are available to offset some of the costs associated

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Qualify for the Ontario Interactive Digital Media Fund

The Interactive Digital Media Fund provides Ontario government grants for businesses that are conceptualizing or producing interactive digital media content. Through two unique streams, the program provides small business funding worth up to 50% of project expenses to plan and produce content. Ontario companies may wish to pursue this opportunity if

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Interactive Digital Media Fund: 2016 Application Deadlines

Update: Please access this article to learn when to apply for Interactive Digital Media Funding this year.
Supporting innovative projects and businesses within Ontario’s digital media industry, the Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) provides a variety of Ontario government funding and business resources to media companies within the province. One of

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