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FedDev Ontario: $440k for TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario

The TechAlliance of Southwestern Ontario’s BURST incubation program supports startups in the medical technology sector that positions London, Ontario as a focal point for life science innovation. BURST has recently received a replenishment of funding which will allow the program to give more local innovators the chance to turn their

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Health Technologies Fund: New MedTech Funding Deadline Set for May 9, 2018

Health Technologies Fund (HTF) is an Ontario government grant that accelerates the development and adoption of innovative health technologies. It offers funding for collaborative technology commercialization projects where pre-commercial technologies are adopted and tested by public healthcare providers and/or academic researchers.
Technology developers may receive up to 50% of eligible project costs

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OCE REACH Awards Over $4M in Grants for MedTech Procurement Projects

The Ontario Centres of Excellence (OCE) recently announced its support for six technology adoption projects through its OCE REACH program. REACH stands for “Resources for Evaluating, Adopting and Capitalizing on Innovative Healthcare Technology”. OCE has awarded a total of $4.3 million in Ontario government grants to support these innovation procurement

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Health Technologies Fund – Apply for MedTech Funding by June 21, 2017

The Health Technologies Fund (HTF) is a government grant designed to support the development of made-in-Ontario health technologies. By accelerating evaluation, procurement, adoption, and diffusion in Ontario’s healthcare sector, HTF ensures that technology developers have a more direct pathway towards commercializing innovative healthcare solutions.

To participate in the program, Ontario tech

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OCE REACH: MedTech Procurement Program for Public Healthcare Providers

Although public healthcare is one of Ontario’s most technology-driven sectors, the process of procuring advanced technologies can seem exceedingly difficult. As a member of the broader public service (BPS), public healthcare organizations care often required to issue public tenders that detail product specifications and financial terms. While this procurement process works

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16 Entrepreneurs Win Annual Startup Canada Awards

Every year, an average of 130,000 new Canadian small businesses are established. But despite this entrepreneurial drive, only 35% survive their first five years. While startups are critical to Canada’s innovation and overall business competitiveness, they face extreme pressure to maintain tight cash flow and survive streamlined operations.

It can be

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Canadian Patent Awarded for MedTech Research and Development

Every day, Canadian hospitals create environmental and health and safety hazards by expelling destructive greenhouse gases (GHGs) into the atmosphere. Surgical operations requiring the use of halogenated anaesthetic drugs release alarmingly high amounts of carbon dioxide emissions. With approximately 54,000 operating facilities in Canada, GHGs produced could soon exceed amounts

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Health Technologies Fund Provides $20M in Innovative Research Grants

Modern healthcare technologies (healthtech) are transforming Ontario’s health care system to provide greater care for patients at a lower cost. This rapid acceleration of innovation has made the province a better place to live, work, and perform scientific research in. Businesses may take advantage of Ontario’s healthtech ecosystem, which includes

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