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    “We knew there was Government funding available, but did not know where to start. Mentor Works was the best decision we made. We are delighted at the success of the program since we started working Mentor works,” said Preethi. “Mentor works proactively called us with opportunities for funding and helped us with all of the forms that needed to be completed and got us in touch with the reps that in normal case we might have scrambled to find. Mentor Works has become a great partner in our process and we will continue to use them in future.”

    Preethi James, HR – Nightingale Informatics Corporation

    The Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium (EMC) provided Jervis B. Webb the contact information of firms that specialize in Funding. “Why Mentor Works?” We asked. Mr. McFarlane had this to say: “After Meeting Bernadeen it was obvious that Mentor Works understands the business and what we were looking for. Mentor Works understands the audience we face when applying for small business grants,” said Mr. McFarlane, “they educated us.” Mr. McFarlane explained that his company didn’t have the time to drive the application process. Working with Mentor works helped his company “worry about our core business and then bottom line.” “Mentor Works showed us how government funding can become part of the business plan and improve profitability. It also showed us how much we didn’t know about funding opportunities available in Canada,” said Mr. McFarlane.

    Mr. McFarlane – Jervis B. Webb

    “Being able to hire sooner allows us the time to train them so that by the time we really need them they will be ready to produce for us. I would recommend Mentor Works.”

    A.J. Mueller, CEO – 180 Corp.

    “The process was amazing…little work on my part, which is good considering that I am extremely busy. They were amazing through the process and I would not hesitate to recommend Mentor Works based upon the exceptional service that I received. The government funding expert I worked with was the most valuable aspect. They made the process quick and stress free and was extremely knowledgeable about Canadian business grants funding available. I am able to expand my business based upon the funding that I am receiving which is a valuable thing to those that I serve.”

    Dr. Taylor – Advanced Hearing Aid Clinic

    “We decided to use Mentor Works to assist us with our funding process due to their extensive experience and understanding of the Canadian government grants ecosystem in Canada. There are numerous Canadian business grants opportunities, but to the uninitiated, it is quite complex and difficult to understand the nuances involved in putting together an efficient and effective funding program that best suites the needs of the company, especially an early-stage company such as ours.”

    Neil Movold. Founder & CEO of InsightNG Solutions Ltd. – InsightNG Solutions Ltd.

    “There were a few reasons we decided to use Mentor Works including; relationships with funding agencies, knowledge of government funding available and how to craft the application to maximize chance of success, high success rate and ability to assist with our resource capacity issue.”

    Miovision Technologies’ Corporate Controller, Lauren Greig, – Miovision Technologies

    Mentor Works recently had a conversation with the President of Adverdea and Webility Solutions Inc., Jamie Harsevoort. Webility/Adverdea creates sleek, appealing graphics for businesses looking to attract consumers and businesses alike. “While I’ve always been aware that there are Canadian government funding programs, it has never been worthwhile to sort through the different programs and figure out what is available and what are the eligibility requirements. Mentor Works does a great job of solving that problem for us,” said Jamie. “In our case, getting short term funding for a new position allowed us to go ahead with hiring someone. It’s hard for a small business to fund the first few months of a new hire, and without this we likely wouldn’t have been able to hire at this time. We have already recommended Mentor Works to other business owners.”

    President of Adverdea and Webility Solutions Inc., Jamie Harsevoort – Adverdea and Webility Solutions Inc.

    “We were initially somewhat skeptical; however after the presentation and follow up communication from Mentor Works we realized that the staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. Mentor Works’ help and subsequent success has helped us to plan and develop far greater capacity than we would have been able to otherwise. Thank you for your assistance in helping us meet our business needs. We look forward to working with Mentor Works in the future as our company expands!”

    Kelvin Ali, President of Operations – Northern World Entertainment Software

    “We decided to engage Mentor Works because Columbia was unfamiliar with government requirements for funding and they were recommended by an implementation partner of ours. Mentor Works has knowledgeable and capable staff. The process was painless, and we proceeded smoothly and efficiently. If Columbia had attempted the application process on its own I believe that it would have taken a lot longer and would have ended up with multiple revisions. I would recommend Mentor Works.”

    Peter Kettler, Controller – Columbia Cabinets

    “On recommendation from our BDC representative, we participated in a Mentor Works Ltd. workshop in Cambridge. Prior to this workshop, we had no idea how many funding options were available, not to mention how many were applicable to us as a startup. Following an additional 1-hour session, we applied for and received IRAP funding and are working with CBaSE program at the University of Guelph on a Market Research project. Without Mentor Works and their very professional and helpful team we wouldn’t have known about either of these opportunities. We plan to use Mentor Works Ltd. again to get funding to hire graduates this spring.”

    Bev MacDonald, COO – Staying Native

    “Mentor Works did an outstanding job assisting Anderson with a very complex application process coupled with very tight deadlines. They did so in a professional manner and the results from the the application were positive. Excellent over all experience working with them.”

    Steven Smith, Controller – Anderson Water Systems

    “In a timely and professional manner, Mentor Works helped us swim through the sea of government funding programs available for new and existing businesses. Their professional and timely services utilize a triage approach to find specific funding mechanisms that untimely had a direct bearing on our ability to secure funds and enable us to facilitate company growth. Mentor Works’ knowledge, wealth of industry contacts and complete understanding of program details, allowed us to isolate and focus on funding mechanisms that were right for us. We feel that with their assistance, our company was exposed to additional funding sources that might have gone unnoticed and is now well positioned for advancing new technologies in the coming months. I would not hesitate to work with them again.”

    Rob Deakin, Manager – Activation Laboratories Ltd.

    “Mentor Works was instrumental at facilitating introductions with the CARI Conestoga College funding program. This opportunity has evolved into a very successful FedDev ARC grant and many new funding opportunities with Conestoga College. Mentor Works was responsible for connecting Katan Kitchens with this opportunity, which would never have come to fruition without her involvement. Thank you!”

    Jamie Draves, President & CEO – Katan Kitchens

    “Working with Mentor Works has allowed eBridge to uncover and leverage government funding in areas where our strategies were already focused. With their guidance, we have been able to increase spend in several key areas.”

    Dave Malda, Sales and Marketing Manager – eBridge Connections

    “Mentor Works made navigating through the maze of funding opportunities simple. While working with them, my perception of the level of difficulty for selecting and applying for funding has changed. I realize now that you just need to know what you need and take the time to go get it.”

    Marian Marshall, VP Strategic Development – The Supplierpipeline Group

    “It wasn’t that Mentor Works found us more non-repayable grant money than what we would have located on our own – as a manufacturer, we weren’t going to do it without their help. They showed us where the money was and how many programs were available.”

    Martin Slejska, Production Manager – Rimowa Luggage North America

    “What is remarkable is Mentor Works’ ability to effectively communicate their funding vision, to “sell” the goal, and the strategy/tactics required to achieve it. While they can quickly identify challenges and envision the roadmap to overcoming them, Mentor Works exhibits patience and creativity in teaching and leading those who will be part of the solution. Results-oriented, driven and smart, they are an exciting force to work with!”

    Dylan Carkner, Operations Manager – SCI Logistics

    “Mentor Works excels in organizing and optimizing work habits to maximize market focus, goals, targets, objectives while increasing productivity. Outstanding in analyzing results and providing accurate feedback, they encourage individuals to achieve the best performance they can with the tools they have. I would strongly recommend Mentor Works to any organization.”

    Valérie Bélisle, National Sales Manager – CCC Plastics Ltd.

    “I have personally recommended Mentor Works to several clients with excellent results and positive feedback from all of them. Mentor Works has helped clients source funds and assisted them navigate the process to successful conclusion. They are an extremely effective consulting firm in this area, who I highly recommend to any firm looking to successfully access government funding. Mentor Works can be counted on to creatively and efficiently, deliver solutions!”

    Dan Lawrie, President & CEO – Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers Ltd.

    “Mentor Works is a dedicated and trusted advisor for her clients. They bring a wealth of experience from a variety of different industries to help their clients achieve their business goals without losing sight of what is truly important them.”

    Mike Arndt, Partner/Chartered Accountant – Graham Mathew Professional Corporation

    “Because of their expertise in helping small businesses access government grants, I have had Mentor Works present to a couple of groups at Company of Women. They understand the challenges of small business and also has garnered expertise in knowing what the different funders are looking for. This makes their advice invaluable to the small business owner.”

    Anne Day, Founder & Publisher – Company Magazine, Company of Women

    “Mentor Works has the ability to strike right at the underlying issue quickly, and then begin making suggestions immediately. They are a good guide and mentor and able to motivate and keep you accountable. If your goal is to be or do better in business, Mentor Works will help you get there.”

    Josh Sieders, President – Semantic Designs

    “Mentor Works is an incredible resource. I have recommended them to many of my clients and I have had fantastic feed back from them as well. They are very professional in all their dealings and that makes it very easy to recommend them. Although in my industry I do not have a direct need for Mentor Works’ services, my clients do. They always do such a fantastic job, it makes me look good.”

    Aaron MacFarlane, Associate Broker – Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers