Testimonials for Mentor Works

Business consulting is about connecting with people, sharing ideas and finding solutions together. At Mentor Works, we have had the pleasure of working with great organizations and individuals across Canada who share our passion for growth and prosperity through funding. We partner with our clients, discuss cash flow planning strategies, and help them discover Canadian government grants and loans. It all starts with exploring the available small business funding programs, so register for a free workshop or webinar with us today!

Funding Events

Find out what our clients have to say about what we do and how we can help people move their small business forward.

  • BT Testimonial
    “I’m grateful for the funding opportunities that are available. The government really has their focus in the right place; that is to invest in areas that bring more revenue, more profitability, and ultimately more jobs to Ontario and Canada…I’m glad that there’s someone available like Mentor Works to [provide] communication with businesses."
    Brotech Precision CNC / Jerome Horowitz, Vice-President
  • Anderson-Water-Systems
    "Mentor Works did an outstanding job assisting Anderson with a very complex application process coupled with very tight deadlines. They did so in a professional manner and the results from the the aplication were positive. Excellent over all experience working with them."
    Anderson Water Systems / Steven Smith, Controller
  • SCI-Logistics
    “What is remarkable is Mentor Works' ability to effectively communicate their funding vision, to “sell” the goal, and the strategy/tactics required to achieve it. While they can quickly identify challenges and envision the roadmap to overcoming them, Mentor Works exhibits patience and creativity in teaching and leading those who will be part of the solution. Results-oriented, driven and smart, they are an exciting force to work with!”
    SCI / Dylan Carkner, Operations Manager
  • Cheer-Sport-Sharks
    "Pray that they never become your competitor’s secret weapon."
    Cheer Sport Sharks / Ali Moffatt, Co-Owner
  • Georgia-Gulf
    "Mentor Works always provided clear direction on all aspects of business and the company’s goals."
    Georgia Gulf Corporation / David Genier, Sales Manager
  • BFM
    "Mentor Works has shown repeatedly their ability to help clients find new and alternative revenue opportunities, while reducing costs and overheads.”
    Business Fusion Marketing / James Burchill, CEO
  • Dan-Lawrie
    “Mentor Works is an incredible resource. I have recommended them to many of my clients and I have had fantastic feed back from them as well. They are very professional in all their dealings and that makes it very easy to recommend them. Although in my industry I do not have a direct need for Mentor Works' services, my clients do. They always do such a fantastic job, it makes me look good.”
    Dan Lawrie Insurance Brokers / Aaron MacFarlane, Associate Broker
  • Rotsaert
    “Mentor Works will guide you through a project from start to finish. I highly recommend their services.”
    Rotsaert Dental Laboratory / Karen Bradbury, Controller
  • Semantic-Designs
    “Mentor Works has the ability to strike right at the underlying issue quickly, and then begin making suggestions immediately. They are a good guide and mentor and able to motivate and keep you accountable. If your goal is to be or do better in business, Mentor Works will help you get there.”
    Semantic Designs, Inc. / Josh Sieders, President
  • Navantis
    "Mentor Works is a wealth of knowledge with a strong partner ecosystem to meet many of the challenges business are facing in these tough economic times."
    Navantis / Sean Bredin, VP Sales