Learn About Small Business Funding – Attend a Mentor Works Webinar in June 2015

Canadian Export Success Webinars

Have you missed one of our previous webinars? Looking for your next information session? Look no further, registration has now opened for Mentor Works’ webinars for June. Learn about upcoming funding opportunities and never miss a detail about how you can capitalize on Canadian government grants and funding. Space is limited for these webinars, so register now to confirm your spot.

Registration has been streamlined recently making it easier than ever to connect with Mentor Works. If you are interested in attending, click on the “Register Now” buttons below to take advantage of these free events.

Mentor Works will be speaking about the following programs this month:

Support your Agri-Business’ Growth with Grant Funding

Friday June 19th – Bernadeen McLeod

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With many funding options in the food industry, finding out which ones to take advantage of can be difficult.  Learn about all of the opportunities available – both provincial and federal – and how your business can take advantage of these programs to maximize its growth potential. Bernadeen will be discussing, among other streams, programs such as Growing Forward 2, which aims to fund $3 billion of qualified projects over a 5-year timeframe.

Training Grants to Strengthen Your Workforce (Canada Job Grant)

Monday June 22nd – Bernadeen McLeod

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You already invest into your business operations, and as many businesses know, it’s just as important to invest in your employees as well. For many Canadian businesses, the financial burden of training employees can outweigh the benefits of such a program. As result, businesses do not have the skillset required to conquer emerging trends or create a competitive advantage. Attend this Canada Job Grant Webinar to learn how you can receive 66.6% off training costs per employee, up to $10,000. With over $192 million allocated to businesses in Ontario each year, let Mentor works show you how you can be one of the recipients and integrate small business financing into your workplace development initiatives.

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If either of these government funding programs apply to your business, or if you are unsure and would like to find out, please register today for an interactive June webinar. These free webinars will provide business owners with the opportunity to learn about funding opportunities directly from the Canadian Government Funding Experts. Space is limited, preference will be given to business owners who have been incorporated for at least two years.

  • Support your Agri-Business’ Growth with Grant Funding – June 19th @ 9:30am-10:00am
  • Training Grants to Strengthen Your Workforce (Canada Job Grant) – June 22nd @ 11:30am – 12:00pm

Connect with Mentor Works this June

The Mentor Works team is ready to help you navigate the government grants and loans process; be sure to check out the regularly updated small business funding workshops and webinars list to access all online events. Still wanting further assistance? Fill out our contact form to determine your optimal funding programs. For government funding advice, new events and success stories, make sure to regularly visit Mentor Works’ blog – we’re constantly publishing new articles that will help you understand the grant process. Make the next step and connect with us, we’d love to be your mentor!

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