Attend the March 23 Webinar on ERP Funding Grants

Attend the ERP Implementation Webinar on March 23, 2017

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation can be a complex and costly project for manufacturers. Deployment of these data communications systems will, in almost all cases, require several employees to receive 1-on-1 training from qualified third-party specialists. Fortunately, a significant portion of training costs can be offset with Canadian government grants.

Canadian mall and medium-sized manufacturers can discover how to receive government funding for ERP implementation through an upcoming webinar, Securing Government Funding for your ERP Project. The session will be hosted by Six S Partners, experts in EPICOR ERP business system implementation. During the session, Six S will reveal how implementing or improving the use of ERP can lead to accelerated growth.

[Webinar Registration] Funding for ERP Implementation Projects: Thursday, March 23, 2017

The webinar will also feature a government funding discussion led by Mentor Works. Attendees will gain insight into how the Canada Job Grant can reduce employee training costs, which are often a major component of ERP project budgets. Companies may be eligible for up to 66% of third-party training expenses (83% if the business has <50 payroll employees) to a maximum $10,000/trainee.

Funding for ERP Implementation Projects – Webinar Details

Whether you’re implementing an ERP system for the first time or you’re evaluating options to upgrade your existing ERP system, government grants can reduce a portion of project costs.

Successful ERP implementation projects require a variety of users from the organization to receive training; this is where a substantial amount of project expenses come from since consultants and other training resources are needed. Providing this training is essential to long-term commitment from your organization, however, there is a smart way to approach financing the project.

During this hour-long session, you’ll be able to discover how your manufacturing company can deploy an ERP system and reduce training costs by up to 66% by using Canadian government grants. Up to $10,000 in funding can be accessed per trainee; given the size and scope of ERP budgets, most SME manufacturers could receive tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Date: Thursday, March 23, 2017
Time: 1:30 – 2:30pm ET
Cost: Free
Location: Online Webinar – Register Now

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Additional Webinars to Access Small Business Training Grants

If you’re unable to attend the webinar co-hosted by Six S Partners, you can still learn about how to access government funding for ERP implementation by registering for a Mentor Works funding webinar. These sessions can provide insight into funding programs top offset project costs, and provide next steps on working with a qualified trainer.

Register for a small business funding workshop or webinar.

Register for A Canadian Government Funding Webinar

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