The Mentor Works Advantage: Supporting Canadian Business Excellence

The Mentor Works team of dedicated professionals are available to help support your small or mid-sized business’ success. By developing a deep knowledge of government grants, loans, and tax incentives, Mentor Works Ltd. helps proactive businesses to realize strategic investment plans such as hiring new employees or performing research and development activities.

Mentor Works provides an end-to-end solution for businesses seeking to capitalize on government funding opportunities. Unlike other funding support options, Mentor Works provides end-to-end support throughout the entire Canadian government funding application process.

Through this method, Mentor works was able to secure over $303 million for our clients in 2015, generating a 95% application success rate during that period.

MWA 2016 Compressed Title - Final ThumbnailBy working with the Mentor Works team, business owners and executives can rest assured that they will receive the maximum government funding return in significantly less time than they would spend if completing the application themselves.

Updated Infographic: The Mentor Works Advantage – As a partner to small businesses across Canada, Mentor Works helped our clients receive over $303 million in 2015. Discover how Mentor Works can help your business this year.

How Canadian Businesses Succeed with Mentor Works’ Services

Across the country, small businesses can benefit from receiving government funding such as grants or 0% interest loans. This funding often provides the critical support needed to make strategic growth plans a possibility.

Mentor Works’ unique approach to Canadian government funding provides support for businesses in three powerful ways:

1. Identifying the Business’ Strategic Priorities

When engaging with new clients who have never received Canadian government grants and loans in the past, they are often amazed with the vast quantity of incentives that are available for businesses. Often, the question businesses face is not “where can I find funding for my project?”, but rather “what projects can I implement to receive this funding?”

Mentor Works takes a personalized approach with each client we support. We understand that each business has a unique mix of management/leadership styles, are at different stages of growth or business development, and need to perform specialized projects to accomplish goals. From working with businesses across the country, Mentor Works’ team can help businesses focus on the issues most important to the business, assisting the execution of projects in a timely, impactful way.

2. Development of a Strategic Funding Plan

Identifying strategic priorities will help business owners and executives to focus on their most important projects. Once a business outlines their major projects for the next 1-2 years, it’s much easier to find Canadian government funding that supports to certain expenses or project outcomes.

Mentor Works can help business owners and executives to conceptualize large-scale projects that are aligned to the eligibility criteria of government funding programs. In doing so, we can ensure that your business is only applying to government grants and loans that it is able to win (if your business case is strong enough). We know the rules on stacking funds, a method of applying for government funding that secures the most money possible.

3. Government Funding Application Support

Potentially the most time saving component of all Mentor Works’ services, our clients rely on support throughout the funding application process to ensure they receive the Canadian government funding that they deserve. Our dedicated team has devoted significant time, energy, and resources to understanding the intricate details of government funding programs. We utilize this knowledge on a daily basis to ensure our clients can show the benefits that funding will have.

Our team of business writers can articulate your business’ case and help position the project in a way that supports the government’s required project deliverables. Our uncompromised knowledge and experience in government grants and loans produces results for clients that are faster and more valuable than if the business was to write their application internally.

Superior Government Funding Research at Your Demand

Business owners and executives can be assured that they are always taking advantage of the most accurate, updated information on Canadian government funding programs possible. Mentor Works’ experienced team is constantly researching government funding programs to ensure that we’re able to tailor your business’ unique position and projects for funding success.

Most of this information is used to qualify potential clients and to educate businesspeople at small business funding webinars. While not program specific, many of our learnings are also provided in the form of monthly web content. Those who are interested in learning about specific government funding grants and loans should read Mentor Works’ blog, or register for our Small Business Funding Newsletter.

We love proactive, forward-planning businesses that have projects planned but need to secure funding to enable their project. These businesses are well-established and the best at what they do. As an end-to-end solution for winning Canadian government funding, we work with clients who value a skilled, ambitious partner that is dedicated to success.MWA 2016 Compressed Title - Final Thumbnail

Infographic: The Mentor Works Advantage – As a partner to small businesses across Canada, Mentor Works helped our clients receive over $303 million in 2015. Discover how Mentor Works can help your business this year.


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