OMDC Interactive Digital Media Fund Deadline: October 5, 2015

OMDC Digital Media Fund

Update: Please access this article to learn when to apply for Interactive Digital Media Funding this year.

The Ontario Media Development Corporation (OMDC) provides services, programs, and provincial funding initiatives for media producers operating within Ontario. As part of their comprehensive list of funding programs, the Interactive Digital Media (IDM) fund continues to be one of their most popular and successful, having helped several digital media companies to plan and produce new digital media technologies and products. With enhancements to the fund announced in April 2015, the next deadline for OMDC’s Interactive Digital Media Fund will be on October 5, 2015 to prepare for the next round of funding in 2016.

Receive Digital Media Funding with Ontario Government Grants

The IDM program is unique from many other Ontario government funding programs available to Ontario digital media companies. Both startups and established companies may apply for project funding, making this one of the most accessible Ontario grants currently available. IDM provides funding for quality IDM projects that will ultimately make a positive contribution to the Ontario economy. A wide range of applicants may be considered for Ontario government grants under two separate streams including:

Concept Definition Stream: Building the Foundation of your Digital Media Project

Companies who are currently defining the project that they wish to create will have access to government funding support to conceptualize and plan a market-ready content project. Under this stream, companies may receive up to 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of $50,000 in grant funding to conceptualize their project and prepare it for creation. Some eligible activities in this stream include prototype creation, pre-production and pitch material, business planning, and research.

Production Stream: Bringing your Digital Media Project to Life

Once project plans have been clarified and the team is ready to develop the interactive digital media project, government grant funding will be made available to assist businesses. For content production, 50% of eligible cost will be funded up to $250,000 to support making the concept or idea ready for release to end users. Examples of projects eligible for this stream include video game production, mobile content,  and web series.

Please note that website development projects are eligible, but will only be provided in extremely rare, innovative circumstances.

Apply for IDM Ontario Government Grant Funding

Application forms for Interactive Digital Media funding may be submitted through OMDC’s online portal. It is advised, however, that you contact Mentor Works first to discuss the program with one of our government funding experts to confirm your eligibility and help you throughout the government funding application process.

Deadline for Applications: October 5, 2015
Contact for Assistance:
Mentor Works’ Government Funding Experts

Canadian Government Funding Resources for Digital Media Companies

Canadian digital media companies have a wide range of opportunities to receive government funding and other types of support through the Canadian and Ontario governments. Businesses may wish to explore all available funding programs to find funds that are better targeted towards their project or objectives. Programs such as the Canada Media Fund (CMF) provide similar project funding, only with different objectives and application timelines.

Want to learn more about government funding programs, or simply need a refresher to understand which programs are open to receiving applications? Register for an informative government funding webinar where we’ll provide you the most important information in a clear, concise presentation. For daily updates on the best Canadian government funding news, trends, and deadline updates, follow Mentor Works on Twitter and Facebook.

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