Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) FAQ’s

Tulip Festival in OttawaThe  Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) is new to many businesses and questions surround its eligibility factors, details, and requirements. Mentor Works has received a number of queries that we would like to share answers to.

When did the BCIP Call for Proposals go live?

The Build in Canada Innovation Program (BCIP) Call for Proposals went live at the end of 2013.

Has the name of the program changed?

The BCIP program is a new iteration of the pilot program CICP – Canadian Innovation and Commercialization Program and as such, shares many of its objectives.

How does the BCIP Call for Proposals work?

Each Call for Proposals offers a 4-6 week window to submit your proposal. The proposal process is competitive – meaning that the best technologies with the best proposals will win. The highest rated proposals will benefit from a “first purchase” from the Canadian government.

What types of projects are eligible for BCIP?

The Canadian government is interested in highly innovative products and services that exceed the current technology in terms of capabilities or that provide substantial cost savings over the current technology. These products and services must be useful to at least one government department and contain 80% Canadian content – meaning 80% developed/created in Canada. The proposal must come from a Canadian company who owns the IP for the technology. The government is interested in commercially ready products and services; this program does not support R&D projects. Proposals must fit with one of the priority areas of the BCIP program.

Is there anything new expected with the next BCIP Call for Proposals?

The new element of the BCIP program is the military component. Information on what to expect from this new component is still pending from BCIP. However, it is expected to offer more funding than the other components of BCIP with very specific streams of interest.

My company is concerned about IP. Must we give up our IP in order to participate in BCIP?

The proposal remains confidential to the team evaluating the proposals. All IP associated with the product/service is retained by the submitting company.

Is BCIP designed for small and medium-sized businesses?

No, this program is designed for any size of business with a qualifying new, pre-revenue product or service.

What type of business can submit a BCIP proposal?

Proposals can be submitted by an organization, university, private company, not-for-profit organization or individual.

Does the government have a preference towards certain products or services for BCIP?

No – both products and services are of interest to the government.

Does the government have to purchase the product/service – can it be leased instead?

Purchasing, licensing and leasing of the new product or service are all acceptable options.

When can I start commercializing my product/service?

As soon as your proposal is submitting, your company can begin to collect revenue on the product or services.

My company has two very innovative products? Can we submit more than one BCIP application?

Yes, applications can be submitted for more than one innovative product. Each product must be submitted with a separate application. Please note that only one of your applications can be accepted through the BCIP program, however multiple applications will improve your chances of being accepted.

My company’s innovation was created with substantial government funding. Can we still submit an application to BCIP?

Yes, you can submit an application for this innovation.

If my company’s innovation is not having commercial success, can we still submit a proposal to BCIP?

Your innovation is not eligible if it is commercially available and you are currently receiving revenues towards the product or service.

What actions can my company take to prepare for the BCIP Call for Proposals?

  • Make sure you have registered as a supplier to the Canadian government:  Register Now
  • Become familiar with the government tenders site: Learn More Now 

For further information on the next steps to prepare for the BCIP Call for Proposals, please contact a Canadian government funding expert at Mentor Works.

Choose from one of the following in order to learn more about BCIP, its use, how to qualify, and how to get started on your application.

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