$6.2M Awarded in Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream

Canada Media Fund Digital Projects

The Canada Media Fund (CMF) recently announced recipients of Experimental Stream funding for their first 2015-2016 intake period. Experimental Stream funding provides repayable grants which aim to fund innovative digital media content and software applications. A total of 28 new media projects will be enabled by the fund. Since 2010, CMF’s Experimental Stream support for Canadian small businesses has increased to $58.7M to realize 263 projects from coast to coast. This article will identify some of the winning projects made possible through the development and marketing stream of CMF Experimental.

Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream Recipients

CMF Experimental is divided into three separate streams to help a larger number of Canadian media companies and their projects. These streams include Development, Production, and Marketing & Promotion and cover digital media projects along the entire product lifecycle. Of the 28 projects recently funded, all recipients received funding through the popular Development and Marketing and Promotion streams.

Development Project Funding Wins

Ragna Cycle is a mobile game currently being developed by Norsfell Games Inc. Players will race against a clock to develop technologies and survive critical events. Time is of the essence since players must escape the planet before it becomes engulfed by a giant black hole. Norsfell Games will receive up to $300,000 towards the game’s development and have plans to launch between spring and summer of 2016.

ARC Continuum is a science fiction themed role playing game (RPG) which will be released for the PC platform. Players of the game will be immersed into a futuristic fantasy world with the goal of providing peace to an intergalactic war. Equipped with advanced technologies, players must play through – either alone or with others – until finding and destroying the enemy planet. Vancouver company Akimbo Creations Inc. will also receive up to $300,000 for production of this game.

Marketing & Promotion Project Funding Recipients

Braindater is a project which aims to connect like-minded people interested sharing ideas or knowledge with others. Users are able to explore local offers or requests for knowledge and then meet up with people to exchange this information. This mobile networking service will open communication and allow for more people to connect with the intent to learn something new. Creators E-180 Inc. will receive up to $400,000 for the promotion of this service.

Canvas is state-of-the art image processing software that will redefine the way images are projected. Specifically designed for large surfaces such as hockey rinks or basketball courts, canvas will allow designers to create and project stunning visuals that incorporate warping, blending, pixel-mapping, tracking, and other unique features. This industry-leading technology has already been used by teams such as the Toronto Maple Leafs, Toronto Raptors, and Montreal Canadiens for the production of pregame shows. Immersive Design Studios, creators of Canvas, will receive up to $300,000 to promote this technology for other applications outside of the sporting world.

Small Business Funding through CMF Experimental

If you are a Canadian digital media company creating innovative new technologies and software, Canada Media Fund’s Experimental stream may be a good option for you to receive repayable funding towards your project. Three streams are available to assist projects throughout the development, production, and promotion phases.

  • Development Stream: Receive a maximum 75% of eligible costs up to $300,000 for the planning and conceptualization of new media projects.
  • Production Stream: Receive a maximum 75% of eligible expenses up to $1.2M for the design and creation of new content.
  • Marketing & Promotion Stream: Receive a maximum 75% of eligible expenses up to $400,000 to commercialize and expand the awareness of a new media project.

For a brief review of eligible expenses under Canada Media Fund’s Experimental Stream, please review our blog on How to Apply for CMF.

Canadian Small Business Funding Resources

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  1. Hi Jeff, I would like to know why the developers have appeared to abandoned this game.
    ARC Continuum https://steamcommunity.com/app/543050/discussions/

    As a Canadian citizen and member of the Linux community I would like to know why the question of a Linux port of this game title has not been answered in over a year?

    I am fully aware of the capabilities of the unreal engine 4 game engine in that it does support Linux and Mac (i develop on it). “$300,000 for production of this game” Spent of Canadian tax dollars I would like to see the success of this project
    and on a platform of my choice.

    1. Hi Ryan, Mentor Works is an independent business consultant and does not review and approve/reject funding applications. We did not work with ARC Continuum and therefore have limited insight into the project or why it’s been stalled.

      Government funding reviewers expect that there is some risk when funding digital media projects such as this one. While incomplete or abandoned projects are not common, they do happen sometimes. It’s possible that the project’s funding has been scaled-back or removed if the company did not complete its obligations per their funding Contribution Agreement

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