Canada Media Fund’s Innovation Program Awards $14.5M in Funding

Canada Media Fund Aids Interactive Digital Media Projects

In July 2017, the Canada Media Fund announced it would be investing up to $14.5 million in government funding to support a range of interactive digital media projects. The investment will be divided amongst 32 innovative projects that will increase Canadians’ access to indigenous media content. Canadian government funding will support a variety of digital media content projects, include mobile games, rich interactive media content, and new software applications.

The contribution is being provided through CMF’s Experimental Stream Innovation Program, which accelerates the development, production, and marketing of interactive media projects. CMF provides software developers with up to 50-75% coverage of eligible project costs to a maximum of $300,000 – $1,000,000 in repayable small business funding. Ideal projects focus on developing and promoting digital media content and/or application software that is connected to the Canadian cultural sector.

The CMF Experimental Stream is currently accepting applications for its Fall intake. Digital media developers are encouraged to start preparing project proposals as soon as possible.

Canada Media Fund Provides $14.5M in Government Funding to Support 32 Projects

The Canada Media Fund recently announced it would be providing up to $14.5 million in Canadian government funding to accelerate 32 interactive digital media projects. The contribution, provided through the Canada Media Fund’s Innovation Program, will help advance media projects that provide greater access to Canadian content and deliver valuable end-user experiences.

Some examples of the types of interactive digital media projects that will be receiving CMF funding, include:

  • Augmented reality (AR) mobile games (Production stream);
  • Intuitive video communication platforms (Production stream);
  • Products, services, and software for digital computer-based systems; (Development stream);
  • Multi-player video games for Xbox One and PC systems (Marketing and Promotion stream); and
  • Mobile applications that offer intuitive virtual assistants (Marketing and Promotion stream).

Through these projects, participants will demonstrate innovation, enhance their exposure within the media sector, and increase national competitiveness.

The $14.5 million in CMF funding has been distributed as follows:

Stream Projects

Total Funding Contribution

Media Development Total of 13 projects, including:

·         6 games;

·         3 rich interactive media application; and

·         1 software application.

$2.9 million
Media Production Total of 13 projects, including:

·         9 games;

·         1 rich interactive media application; and

·         3 software applications.

$10.2 million
Marketing and Promotion Total of 6 projects, including:

·         3 games;

·         2 rich interactive media applications; and

·         1 software application.

$1.4 million


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Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream: Canadian Government Funding

The Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream (Innovation Program) supports a variety of innovative digital media projects via its three unique repayable funding streams. CMF funding helps software developers extend cash flow to complete projects at an accelerated rate.

Eligible applicants can access up to 50-75% coverage of project expenses to a maximum of $300,000 – $1,000,000 in repayable government funding.

Canadian businesses can apply for federal government funding under one of the following streams to enhance their digital media projects:

  • Media Development: Up to 75% of eligible costs to a maximum $300,000 for the conceptualization of media products. Funding supports market assessments, writing scripts, storyboarding, and conducting feasibility studies.
  • Media Production: Up to 75% of costs to a maximum $1,200,000 to produce market-ready media projects. Contributions can be used to offset filming, editing, animating, and coding tasks.
  • Media Marketing and Promotion: Up to 75% of costs to a maximum $400,000 for media project promotion. Funding supports strategic marketing activities, including the creation of national and international campaigns, design costs, and the market-testing of advertising materials.

Please Note: Only projects that have received Production-stage CMF funding will be eligible to apply for Marketing & Promotion support.

Apply for CMF Digital Media Funding

To get started, applicants are required to submit a detailed application package (approximately 25 -35 pages) that includes project budget and timelines. Businesses are encouraged to begin preparing project proposals now to ensure they meet the program’s upcoming intake deadlines.

Application Intake Deadlines for Fall 2017

  • Production Stream: September 26, 2017
  • Development Stream: October 24, 2017
  • Marketing and Promotion Stream: October 24, 2017

Learn More About the Canada Media Fund Experimental Stream

Program Overview     Eligibility Criteria     Program Update

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