Research and Development Funding: Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program

The Canadian Innovation Commercialization Program was designed by the Government of Canada to help businesses get started and get their innovative products and services from the lab to the marketplace. This new program, a $40 million initiative, was launched as a part of the 2010 budget to promote economic growth. The maximum value of funding available through this program is $500,000 and CICP targets innovations in these four areas: environment, safety and security, health and enabling technologies.

CICP will help bridge the pre-commercialization gap for innovative products and services through a number of supportive actions;

  1. Awarding contracts through an open, transparent, competitive and fair procurement process, to entrepreneurs with pre-commerical innovations;
  2. Testing and providing feedback to these entrepreneurs on the performance of their products or services;
  3. Providing innovators with the opportunity to enter the marketplace with a successful application of their new products and services; and
  4. Providing information on how to do business with the Goverment of Canada.

Next Steps

Interested businesses that are actively researching in one of the four key areas should strongly consider this funding opportunity. For more information and support in this opportunity, contact Mentor Works for guidance. We also provide assistance with many other related funding resources that can further subsidize your R&D and commercialization efforts. Learn more by registering for our Free 60 Minute Workshop held in Cambridge & Burlington, Ontario.

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