AgriMarketing: $6.2M for Canadian International Grains Institute

Canadian Agricultural Partnership's AgriMarketing Program Cigi

UPDATE: The AgriMarketing program is now closed and not processing new applications. All applicants, even agricultural producers and processors are encouraged to use the CanExport program for all new applications. 

The Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) is a not-for-profit organization that provides pre-market and in-market technical support to those involved in the Canadian grain industry. For over 45 years, they’ve been recognized globally as experts in milling and end-use functionality of Canadian grain. Cigi has recently received government grants to develop the market for Canadian wheat via employee exchanges, market research, technical support, and customized training for customers and commercial partners.

The Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) has received an investment of $6,200,000 from the Canadian Agricultural Partnership’s AgriMarketing Program: National Industry Association (NIA) Component.

The AgriMarketing Program: National Industry Association (NIA) Component intends to capture national market opportunities and expand and increase exports to international markets. In order to achieve these goals, the program supports industry-led promotional activities that showcase Canadian producers and products and boost Canada’s reputation for high-quality and safe food. The support for Cigi will enhance the competitiveness of Canadian wheat in international markets.

AgriMarketing Awards $6.2M for Canadian Grain Industry

According to Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada (AAFC), the grain sector is a primary component of economic growth in Canada, with over 20.5M tonnes of wheat exported in 2017 and $21 billion in export sales. Based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, the Canadian International Grains Institute (Cigi) partners with the grain and field crop value chain to improve development and increase the use of Canadian agricultural products both nationally and internationally.

Cigi has received $6.2M from AgriMarketing to help promote Canadian wheat quality to international markets.

Canadian government grants from the AgriMarketing Program: National Industry Association Component will enable Cigi to strengthen relationships with buyers and prevent future market access issues. They will also expand current markets and capitalize on new opportunities internationally by engaging with customers from Latin America, the Gulf region, Africa, Asia, and Europe. Additionally, Cigi will enhance client knowledge of the functionality of Canadian wheat and share information on customers’ end-use requirements with the Canadian value chain.

Canadian Agricultural Partnership (CAP): AgriMarketing

The Canadian Agricultural Partnership is a federal-provincial-territorial government funding program providing many streams of financial support for the agri-food industry. One of the federal streams of this program is AgriMarketing.

AgriMarketing is an international business expansion grant which helps Canadian agriculture, agri-food, and agri-product businesses promote and differentiate their products internationally. In addition to the National Industry Associate Component for non-profit organizations, the AgriMarketing Program: Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Component supports a portion of costs related to export markets development projects undertaken by for-profit enterprises.

AgriMarketing provides Canadian agriculture and agri-food businesses with up to 50% of export project costs to a maximum $50,000 per year.

Examples of projects eligible for funding through AgriMarketing’s SME Component include:

  • Incoming or outgoing missions;
  • Product demonstrations;
  • Participation in trade shows; and
  • Advertising and branding (either print or electronic) in the target export market.

Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and will be reviewed until September 30, 2022 (or until funding has been fully committed).

Individuals interested in learning more about programs available under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership, please register for an upcoming Agriculture and Agri-Food Funding webinar.

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