Canada Media Fund: Digital Media Business Funding Deadlines for 2015

Canadian Government Funding for Media ProjectsThe Canada Media Fund’s (CMF) Experimental Stream offers repayable business funding for digital media projects that are intended for use in the Canadian media industry, or public use by Canadians. This Canadian government funding program offered through the Canada Media Fund is provided to eligible applicants through a low-interest loan (prime + 1%). In the latest round of funding, limits and other details have changed from previous rounds, which we will cover in this article.

Funding Limits Changed

The CMF has updated the funding limits for the Experimental stream. Within the Experimental stream there are three stages of funding that digital media businesses can apply for – development and production – to support different phases of their project.

  • Development: Previously small businesses could apply for up to $400,000, but the new limit is now $300,000. Applicants can still apply for up to 75% of project costs, but the maximum contribution is now $300,000.
  • Production: Previously small businesses could apply for up to $1,000,000, but the new limit is now $1,200,000. The new maximum is still capped at 75% of project costs.
  • Marketing & Promotion Stream: Funding limits for this stream have not changed and remain at up to $400,000 or 75% of eligible project costs.

As the funds support different phases of a project, businesses can leverage both envelopes of Experimental funding. Digital media firms leveraging both envelopes of funding can new utilize a maximum of $1,200,000 across both development and production phases.

Experimental Stream 2015 Deadlines

Funding for development and production deadlines are fast approaching. This Canadian small business funding opportunity operates on two annual application deadlines for each stream. The 2015 deadlines for development and production streams are as follows:

  • Development: May 12, 2015 and October 6, 2015
  • Production: April 21, 2015 and September 22, 2015
  • Marketing & Promotion: May 12, 2015 and October 6, 2015

Learn More About this Canadian Government Funding Opportunity

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