KW Region Food Processor Receives $1.5 Million Ontario Business Grants Funding

On Tuesday September 17th, 2013 the Ontario Provincial Government announced its support for Conestoga Meat Packers through a contribution of $1.5 million in non-repayable Ontario government grants funding. The pork processor is owned and supplied by a co-operative of 120 Southern Ontario hog farms.

Conestoga Meat Packers Partner with Mentor Works for Ontario Business Grants Application Support

Mentor Works is proud to be a strategic partner of Conestoga Meat Packers during its exciting stage of business growth and expansion.  Canadian government funding experts from Mentor Works supported Conestoga Meat Packers’ Ontario business grant application through grant writing and strategic application consulting services.

Support for Conestoga Meat Packers via the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund (SWODF)

Ontario business grants support for Conestoga Meat Packers is being offered through the Southwestern Ontario Development Fund.   SWODF Ontario government grants for business expansion provides SMEs funding to help expand and develop their businesses, while supporting three main objectives: (1) Attracting and retaining investment, (2) creating and retaining jobs, and (3) promoting innovation, collaboration and cluster development. Through SWODF’s 2 streams of funding the Southern Ontario program has helped create over 21,000 jobs while strengthening local economies.

SWODF Support is Helping Conestoga Meat Packers Expand in the KW Region

Ontario small business grants support through SWODF is helping Conestoga Meat Packers increase capacity while creating 100 new jobs and retaining 425 existing jobs in Breslau, in the Kitchener-Waterloo region.  The company has been expanding rapidly both domestically and internationally over the past several years. Conestoga’s Ontario-grown pork is sold at home and abroad, with approximately one third of its product being exported. In January of 2013, Conestoga Meat Packers took part in the Ontario Business Mission to China as it has been continually scanning opportunities for internationally growth.

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