Kinduct Technologies Awarded $2M from Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

Kinduct Technologies is a textbook example of a startup that found their niche with the sports medicine and training market, put their all into developing innovative MedTech software to meet the needs of their clients, then expanded their business into a bigger niche: the Nova Scotia healthcare market.

The firm emerged from humble beginnings in Halifax in 2010, focusing on educating patients with 3D medical animations and MedTech programs which helped with clients’ rehab care. Over the next decade, the team took what they learnt from these projects and applied them to create an athlete management system (AMS).

Kinduct Technologies’ athlete management system is currently being used by over 100 professionals and organizations including Hockey Canada, the Vancouver Canucks, Ottawa Senators, Houston Rockets, and more.

This software helps coaches by displaying data about their athlete’s health, training, and overall wellbeing in order to help coaches make better informed decisions. The team has developed the tool to specialize in preventing orthopedic injuries before they happen.

What the $2 Million in Atlantic Canada Business Funding Will Do

Kinduct Technologies has received $2 million in backing from the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency to help develop a new suite of digital tools that will aid orthopedic treatments, with those patients currently being considered for knee, hip and lower back surgery in mind.

What this means for patients is shorter wait times by determining if patients should see a surgeon or seek alternative treatment methods. The tool can also help patients after their surgery by creating a customized recovery plan based on the patient’s unique needs and injury.

The Kinduct Technologies team has grown to just under 70 employees, with more on the way as they scale their business to meet the needs of the Nova Scotia healthcare market.

Since the company has specialized in developing software for the sports medicine and training market, the large funding amount was required to help them transition the focus of their business to the overall healthcare market.

Kinduct Technologies’ healthcare market is “going to dwarf [the sports medicine and training market] in the next three to four years.”
– Founder and CEO Travis McDonough

The company aims to onboard thousands of new Nova Scotian patients and make their platform available to 1,000 general practitioners, 250 physiotherapists, and 60 surgeons by the end of the year. Travis McDonough says they have been talking with a “hospital supply organization who supplies 6,000 hospitals with a range of product, including both hardware and software” to help them reach their goals.

About the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency

The Canadian government offers a wide variety of federal funds that are targeted at helping businesses located in the Atlantic regions. These grants and loans can range from hiring and training, to research and development, to capital investment, and even business expansion.

Learn more about the Atlantic Canada government funding opportunities available to you by reading about the types of funding that are available to small businesses.

Types of Canadian Small Business Funding

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