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Federal and provincial governments provide loans and grants for small business units to help them invest in capital equipment, enterprise software, and advanced technologies to expand and improve their operations. Financial programs can assist organizations in areas such as building design and construction, technology investments and commercialization strategies. Programs exist on both the federal and provincial level, including Ontario grants for small business in this particular region and Western Canadian government grants.

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Canadian Government Grants and Loans for Capital Investment

Globalization has created a shift in how businesses operate and plan their growth. The need for automated and advanced technologies is greater than ever, and businesses need to constantly invest in new equipment to keep up with technological improvements. Without investment in new equipment, businesses limit their production capabilities and may risk losing a competitive advantage. To learn more about any of the loans and grants for small business below, please click on the program name to view more detailed information. If you are still evaluating your funding options, our helpful guide on Comparing Funding Types might be useful.

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