LCIF Grant Spurs CHAR Technologies’ Biocoal Technology Demonstration

Low Carbon Innovation Fund for CleanTech Development and Commercialization Projects

CHAR Technologies is a cleantech company specializing in biocarbon development. They produce a proprietary activated charcoal-like material called SulfaCHAR that removes hydrogen sulfide from gas. SulfaCHAR, once used for the gas cleaning application, has further use as a sulfur-enriched biofuel for industrial and agricultural purposes. Although CHAR Technologies is well-integrated in the agricultural sector, its use in the industrial sector is just recently being deployed.

To support the demonstration and commercialization of CHAR Technologies’ industrial biocoal products, the company will receive up to $1,062,385 in Ontario government grants.

Clean technology grants, provided through Ontario’s Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF), will directly support CHAR Technologies’ industrial demonstration project with Canada’s largest flat roll steel producer, ArcelorMittal Dofasco. The steel company will use CHAR’s CleanFyre biocoal on a trial basis to help further improve the product and lead it closer to widescale commercialization.

Low Carbon Innovation Fund Supports CleanFyre Biocoal

CHAR Technologies is one of Canada’s most innovative clean technology companies. They are the innovators behind SulfaCHAR, a cleaning process for biogas that removes toxic and corrosive hydrogen sulfide. Once captured, the gas is converted into sulfur and can be used as a fertilizer or biofuel.

SulfaCHAR’s original application was fertilizer; until recently it hadn’t been used as a biofuel. However, as an extraordinarily innovative company, CHAR Technologies recognized that there were other industries that could use its sulphur-rich materials to reduce greenhouse gasses (GHGs) and improve efficiency.

This realization led to the development of CleanFyre, a sulfur-based biocoal that can replace environmentally-damaging coal-powered facilities. CleanFyre is a carbon neutral, solid biofuel that has potential to disrupt global manufacturing and lead to a more sustainable future.

CHAR Technologies was recently announced as a recipient of over $1 million in Ontario clean technology grants through the Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF).

The next big step for CHAR Technologies’ CleanFyre biocoal is to provide solutions for energy-intensive industries like industrial manufacturing. For this reason, the company will partner with steel producer ArcelorMittal Dofasco. With Ontario government funding support, the companies will trial 20 tonnes of biocoal in an operational blast furnace. This trial will generate data and feedback that can support further development and bring the product closer to wide-scale commercial readiness.

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About the Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF)

The Low Carbon Innovation Fund (LCIF) is an Ontario government grant for clean technology development and demonstration projects. It offsets a portion of project costs related to the deployment of innovative clean technologies in an operational environment. This helps clean technology developers overcome commercialization hurdles and leads to widescale integration of GHG innovations.

Through the Low Carbon Innovation Fund, companies may receive up to 50% of eligible project expenses to a maximum $2 million in technology demonstration grants.

Although the LCIF grant program is currently closed, it’s expected that the program may re-open for future intake dates. To be notified when a new intake becomes available, please register for Mentor Works’ weekly Government Funding Snapshot™ newsletter.

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