NRC Invests $60M for 8 Canadian Infrastructure Projects

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The National Research Council (NRC) is an organization which is funded and administered by the Government of Canada. As the country’s premier research and development institution, the National Research Council enhances Canadian industry by conducting research and enabling new technologies to come to market. Their staff of scientists, engineers, and business experts seek to improve upon old technologies to give the Canadian government and businesses an advantage in the 21st century global marketplace.

Over the next four years, the NRC will invest $60 million to complete 8 major infrastructure projects. These projects are largely focused in Ottawa, where NRC operations are centrally located, but some will have national reach. The projects have been enabled by the Government of Canada’s $5.8 billion infrastructure plan, announced in November 2014.

Canadian Government Funding for NRC Infrastructure Projects

The Canadian government’s contribution of funds to the NRC will enable them to preserve current infrastructure through repairs and maintenance work. Projects will also focus on facility enhancements to provide additional benefit for growing industries such as aerospace. Four of the most significant projects to be completed include:

1. 100 Sussex Drive Envelope Refurbishment

Originally referred to as the “Temple of Science”, this was the first building ever occupied by the NRC. Constructed by the Department of Public Works in 1932, this Designated Federal Heritage Building requires repairs to its stone façade, upgrades to its interior, and the replacement of windows throughout. $5.05 million has been designated for this project to complete the work while preserving the building’s heritage status.

2. Building Energy Retrofit

A total of eight buildings will receive enhancements to old, outdated mechanical and electrical systems. Three buildings on NRC’s Montreal Road Campus in Ottawa will be attended to, while five others from across Canada will receive similar treatment. These retrofits will enable modernization in research laboratories. Labs can require 3-8 times as much energy as typical office space, therefore old facilities cannot accommodate the new energy-demanding technologies needed to research and develop new products. $6 million will be spent on the Ottawa locations while the other five centres across Canada will receive $4.22 million.

3. Flexible Research Facility

The Ottawa area will have another investment of $3.05M for construction of a flexible, modular research building. Research programs that are limited in scope or space requirement and do not require a larger laboratory may use this building which will include lab space, high headroom, and office space. Using modular buildings will enable NRC to engage in more projects due to an increased capacity.

4. Uplands Campus Electrical Distribution Upgrade

Ottawa’s Uplands Campus features one of the country’s most advanced wind tunnels where aerospace businesses routinely conduct tests on components and vehicles. This $5.55 million project will allow NRC to build a new 115 kilo-volt electrical substation to serve all campus buildings. Providing a new substation will improve energy flow while preventing complete power failure if problems arise at the main substation.

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