The Smart Grid Fund Ontario Small Business Grants

bigstock-Holding-a-smart-energy-control-47315239The Ontario Government has re-opened calls for applications for the Smart Grid Fund as of July 2013.  The fund was originally introduced in 2009.  $50 million had originally been slated to allocate to successful applicants through the Ontario business grants program, however to date less than a third of the fund’s total amount have been received by Smart Grid Fund participants.

Smart Grid Fund Ontario Business Grants Focus

The business grants in Ontario program is meant to solicit green technology from leading tech businesses to help provide better energy efficiency across Ontario and beyond.

Ontario Government Funding Amount Available through the Smart Grid Fund

The Smart Grid Fund will fund up to 50% of all eligible costs to a maximum of $4 million for companies working on next generation energy technologies (minimum project spend is $250,000 for demonstration projects and $500,000 for capacity building projects.)

Ontario Small Business Grants Eligible Organizations

The following organizations are eligible to apply for the Smart Grid Fund:

  • Based in Ontario or basing in Ontario from the commencement of the project.
  • Business/University or college/Regional or Municipal Governments/Non-government organizations.
  • Electrical utilities are eligible as collaborators only.

Ontario Government Grants Success Stories

The Durham Strategic Energy Alliance (DSEA) received $2.8 million from the Smart Grid Fund for the Durham Smart Grid Demonstration Project.   The project’s objective was to build a control centre for 3 utilities control, dispatch, monitor, etc. of their systems.  The project has created 29 new jobs in the Durham Region.

Ecobee Energy Solutions Company of Toronto received $478,950 in Ontario government funding to develop a commercial energy management system (EMS).  The collaboration with Direct Energy Markham created 5 direct and 2 indirect jobs.

Learn More about Canadian Small Business Grants and Loans for Green Tech

Mentor Works has the inside track on small business grants for clean technology.   You may also be interested in the SD Tech Fund, or the Ontario Power Associations (OPA) Conservation Fund.   For the latest news and fund release updates subscribe to our Canadian government funding weekly e-newsletter, and follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube.

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