Ontario Youth Action Plan for Hiring Students and Community Development

Editor’s Note: Details of the Canada Summer Jobs program are subject to change at any time; details on this page were accurate as of the posting date. To learn about current program details, please contact Mentor Works or visit canada.ca/en/employment-social-development/services/funding/youth-summer-job.

As a part of the Ontario Youth Action Plan, the Ontario Ministry of Children and Youth Services has expanded their services to provide greater amounts of Canadian Government funding for small business and community development initiatives. The program looks to promote prosperity and youth development in disadvantaged communities across Ontario.

Canadian Government Grants for Small Business Hires

The Canadian Government provides funding for small business and non-profit organizations that take an active role within the community and provide employment opportunities for disadvantaged children and families. The following is list of selected programs that provide Canadian Government Grants for seasonal small business hiring:

  • Summer Jobs for Youth Program: Businesses can receive a $2 per hour wage subsidy towards the hiring of students for part-time positions throughout the school year or for 8-weeks in a full-time position during the summer.
  • Canada Summer Jobs:  Provides a $2 per hour wage subsidy for one or more students between the ages of 15 and 30. This program is designed specifically for employers with fewer than 50 employees and in need of seasonal staff for the summer months.
  • Small Business Internship Program (SBIP): Provides up to $10K or 75% of the wages for an 12-week internship involving a post-secondary student with online marketing or e-business skills and experience.

Ontario Business Grants for Hiring Post-Secondary Graduates

Canadian Businesses interested in recruiting skills employees may want to first consider the Ontario Government Grants for Hiring Graduates. For more information on the available programs and funding for small business, please contact one of our Canadian Government Funding Expert or subscribe to our Weekly Small Business Funding E-Newsletter for daily updates and funding releases.

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  1. I am new to the non-profit world and am interested to find out more about these programs and our eligibility. What do you?

    1. Thanks for the inquiry Katherine, as a non-profit organization you would not be considered eligible for the SBIP program; however, you may be eligible to hire local youth through the Canada Summer Jobs Program or the Ontario Summer Jobs Strategy. They are both basically the same $2 wage subsidy program; although, one is funded through the provincial gov’t and the other is federal. If you would like to learn about additional programs for hiring, you can start by looking over the other government funding opportunities for human resources and training. If you would like to discuss your eligibility further, please sign up for one of our Canadian Government Funding Workshops.
      Hope that helps!

  2. I am interested in determining which wage subsidy my company should apply for….summer jobs for youth or the Canada Summer Jobs. Also, can an employer pay more than minimum wage and still receive subsidy?

    1. Hi Janet, yes – employers can pay youth hires more than minimum wage! In regards to the Canada Summer Jobs program, the amount your organization can receive still remains up to 50% of minimum wage though. Some other funding programs enable hiring youth at 50% of their hourly wage rate though, so those incentives may be of more benefit to you. Feel free to contact us about your hiring plans and we’ll help align some of the currently available grants available to you.

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