Record Number of Businesses Apply for Canada Summer Jobs Hiring Grants

Canadian Government Grants to Hire Recent Graduates

Editor’s Note: Details of the Canada Summer Jobs program are subject to change at any time; details on this page were accurate as of the posting date. To learn about current program details, please contact Mentor Works or visit

Wage subsidies are a popular option for businesses looking to reduce employment costs and improve the value of their team. During Q1 and Q2 of each year, small businesses across Canada can access a variety of wage incentives to hire students and recent graduates at a subsidized rate. The success of these programs has caused uptake in summer employment opportunities, and the government continues to reinforce these programs to make them accessible to more businesses.

Hiring grants and incentives reached centre stage this year when Prime Minister Trudeau announced an expansion to the Canada Summer Jobs (CSJ) program, a wage subsidy that incentivizes employers to hire students returning to school in the fall. The program’s funding will be doubled for each of the next three years amounting to a total $220.5 million per year. This increase led to more businesses applying for Canada Summer Jobs. In fact, the Canadian government funding program had its most popular year ever. The number of businesses applying for Canada Summer Jobs increased by nearly 30% in 2016.

Although the summer student incentive programs, such Canada Summer Jobs program are closed until its 2017 intake date, employers now have the ability to claim wage subsidies to hire recent post-secondary graduates. These subsidies are an excellent option when hiring a new employee; hiring a new graduate has many benefits for your business.

Find Hiring Grants to Employ Recent Post-Secondary Graduates

Canadian businesses can receive up to 50% of a recent graduate’s wages over a period ranging from 4-12 months. Many hiring grants for business available are provided for specific industries or sectors within the Canadian economy.

Sectorial Hiring Grants Available for Priority Industries

Sectorial hiring grants provide particular benefit to specific industries within Canada. For these hiring grants, members of the following industries can hire recent graduates for almost any value-adding position.

  • Agriculture *New*;
  • Aerospace;
  • Apparel;
  • Biotechnology;
  • Food processing;
  • Information and Communications Technology (ICT); and
  • Sustainable energy.

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Small business grants can reduce the cost of a recent graduate’s wage by up to 50% as long as the candidate isn’t on payroll prior to being accepted for funding. Discover your potential for receiving these valuable wage subsidies by accessing our Wage Subsidy Identifier tool.

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Find Canadian Government Funding to Hire Recent Graduates

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