Sodecia Opens Global Technology and Automation Centre in London, ON

Sodecia Canada Global Technology and Automation Centre

Sodecia Canada, a globally-recognized automotive manufacturer, has opened a new state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing centre in London Ontario. The new plant was officially opened this week at an event hosted by Sodecia’s local management team, the board of directors, and key management personnel from their corporate head office in Porto, Portugal.

At the new facility, Sodecia will be able to work with their customers to develop custom automated manufacturing cells. They currently have 27 full time employees working at the facility, however expect to see significant growth both in sales and new jobs created over the next 3-5 years.

Sodecia’s manufacturing cells help set global standards for manufacturing automation.

Sodecia’s Commitment to Manufacturing in London, Ontario

The opening of Sodecia’s Global Technology and Automation Centre (GTAC) in London, Ontario represents a significant commitment to automotive manufacturing and advanced R&D in London by the Portuguese manufacturer. This facility is separate from their existing manufacturing presence in London will help Sodecia add additional value to the manufacturing process for automotive manufacturers around the world.

Sodecia Canada Automotive Manufacturing InnovationUnlike their automotive manufacturing facilities in London, located just north of GTAC’s new building, Sodecia will not be manufacturing individual components at GTAC. Production at GTAC will focus on customized manufacturing cell engineering, development, testing, and implementation support. Their project teams will work with other manufacturers in the supply chain to develop custom automated manufacturing solutions, such as the cell pictured (right).

Each manufacturing cell is unique, but in each case they use similar robotics technologies, controllers, and interfaces to solve manufacturing problems for their customers. Sodecia’s manufacturing cells help set global standards for manufacturing automation.

By locating GTAC in London, Sodecia Global has acknowledged the strength and importance of automotive R&D and manufacturing in the Ontario economy. Establishing GTAC in London will help support a strong economic cluster and increase global awareness of Ontario as a key location for global companies in the automotive supply chain.

Inside Sodecia’s New State-of-the-Art Automotive Facility

Sodecia Canada Green Plan Wall BiowallIn building GTAC, Sodecia Global’s senior management team have shown their desire to build high quality spaces that employees truly enjoy working at. The building team have installed all of the latest technologies throughout the facility to ensure that employees, suppliers, customers, and guests have the ability to conduct business in a comfortable and welcoming environment.

The building’s showpiece, a two-story living plant wall, provides a welcome as you enter the facility. Oxygen generated by the plants on the living wall is circulated into the building’s HVAC system, and the plant wall can be easily seen from all of the board rooms, meeting spaces, and the open concept engineering/R&D area.

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