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3 Small Business Funding Events to Attend in September

The Canadian federal and provincial governments recognize the financial commitment businesses need to make to invest in growth and development initiatives. To help offset some of these costs, business owners can access government funding to maximize the impact of their strategic projects. Business owners and executives can become more aware of these opportunities by attending a Mentor Works small business funding webinar.

Throughout September, we will be hosting three educational sessions on small business funding options for workforce development, export expansion, and manufacturing productivity improvements. These webinars will provide further insight into active government funding programs and how businesses can apply.

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3 Small Business Funding Workshops to Grow Your Business

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September 11 – Funding to Grow Your Automotive Manufacturing Business

(Webinar) – On September 11, automotive manufacturers can learn how to extend cash flow by leveraging grants and loans. Government funding can be used to offset R&D and business expansion projects that allow the business to become more globally competitive. Small business grants support large-scale projects that accelerate product commercialization and improve the company’s return-on-investment (ROI).

During the Funding to Grow Your Automotive Manufacturing Business webinar, attendees will be introduced to government funding for:

  • Productivity improvements, including investments into lean and enterprise resource planning (ERP) system implementation;
  • Research, development, and adoption of innovative technologies, products, and/or processes;
  • Clean technology investments, including the development of environmentally-friendly products and processes; and
  • Export expansion in domestic and international markets.

Mentor Works’ Director of Sales, Ryan Fusina, will provide further information for government funding programs, such as:

September 21 – Workforce Hiring and Training Grants

(Webinar) – On September 21, learn how to offset your company’s payroll costs by leveraging government grants for workforce development initiatives. Employers can access hiring grants to expand their workforce and training grants to upskill and educate employees.

Mentor Works’ Business Development Executive, Jeff Dumart, will discuss how to hire recent graduates, reduce training costs by up to 66%, and access academic researchers and facilities. By investing in workforce growth and development, businesses can become more competitive and fill skills gaps with talented workers.

Some of the government funding programs that will be discussed during the Workforce Hiring and Training Grants webinar, include:

September 26 – Funding to Support Export Expansion

(Webinar) – On September 26, small and medium-sized businesses can learn about government funding programs that support international growth and development strategies. Since cash flow is often a barrier to export expansion, the federal and provincial governments provide export marketing grants to help businesses enter markets abroad. Canadian business owners and executives can access export grants to support facility expansion projects, purchasing new capital equipment, and international marketing activities.

Mentor Works’ Business Development Executive, Alex Barlow, will discuss federal and provincial export grants that allow businesses to become more competitive, generate new sources of revenue, and expand their global presence. Attendees will discover how to mitigate export expansion risks, how to become exporters through business expansion projects, and how to apply for funding.

Some of the government funding programs that will be discussed during the Funding to Support Export Expansion webinar, include:

  • CanExport: Provides up to 50% coverage of export marketing expenses to a maximum $50,000 in Canadian government grants, per application;
  • AgriMarketing: Provides agri-food businesses with up to 50% coverage of export marketing expenses to a maximum $50,000 in Canadian government grants, per year; and
  • Export Market Access (EMA): Provides up to 50% coverage of export marketing expenses to a maximum $50,000 in Ontario government funding, per application.

Last Chance to Register: Funding & Resources for Hiring and Training Top Talent

(Webinar) – This week, Mentor Works and will be discussing various resources and government funding options that businesses can access to hire and train skilled workers. Attendees will learn how to advertise current job opportunities, motivate and access top talent through internship opportunities, and reduce third-party training costs. is career resource for students, new graduates, and early career professionals. During this webinar, TalentEgg’s President, Mary Barroll, will share best practices to attract and engage students and recent grads. Attendees will also learn how to leverage employer branding skills and deploy strategies to increase on-campus impact and connect with early career professionals.

Mentor Works’ President and Founder, Bernadeen McLeod, will discuss funding for workforce development initiatives. Businesses will learn what hiring and training grants are available to help upskill employees, improve productivity, and enhance recruitment strategies.

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Growth-oriented companies can begin accelerating their strategic growth and development projects by applying for government grants and loans. To start this process, learn more about the funding process during one of Mentor Works’ upcoming small business funding workshop.

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