SCALE.AI Supercluster Awards Up to $2M for Supply Chain Projects

SCALE.AI Supercluster – Funded Projects Announced

As of 2018, SCALE.AI has been one of five business-led superclusters as part of Canada’s Innovative Superclusters Initiative. SCALE.AI (Supply Chains and Logistics Excellence AI), based out of Quebec, specifically focuses on strengthening Canada’s leadership in artificial intelligence, and accelerating industry adoption of enabling technologies through collaborative and incremental projects.

In summer of this year, SCALE.AI announced its first four awarded supply chain projects, with a combined contribution of up to $2,000,000.

A total of $3.1M in contributions from industry and other partners will also be going towards these projects. The recognized initiatives are discovering ways that artificial intelligence (AI) can be used to minimize costs and enhance a wide range of efficiencies in the farming, consumer goods, shipping, and telecom sectors.

SCALE.AI Supercluster – Awarded Project Highlights

SCALE.AI support offsets collaborative investments in projects that leverage AI to enhance existing Supply Chain procedures and improve Canada’s global competitiveness.

Four projects have been selected by SCALE.AI to receive funding. Two noteworthy mentions include:

Local Line, Kitchener, ON – Local Line is an online food wholesale and logistics company for farmers, markets, and food hubs – helping suppliers do direct sales, increase their orders, and save time on order fulfillment. Their CRM, white-label e-commerce, inventory, and logistics modules allow suppliers to control their own brand and grow their business on their terms.

With support from SCALE.AI, Local Line’s AI-informed algorithms are projected to reduce transportation costs for farmers by using forecasted shipping dates in the future, enabling better planning, risk management, and greater efficiency.

Ray-Mont Logistics, Montreal, QC – Ray-Mont Logistics is a logistics services company facilitating international trade by enhancing the container supply chain. They will be undertaking a project that aims to make the use of shipping containers more efficient.

“We have the ambition, the expertise and the creativity to build on this momentum by continuing to offer flexible, innovative and high-quality solutions to our customers and partners.”
– Charles Raymond, president and CEO of Ray-Mont Logistics International

About Supply Chains and Logistics Excellence AI (SCALE.AI)

The Supply Chains and Logistics Excellence AI (SCALE.AI) supercluster is a government funding program that enhances Canada’s existing supply chain practices by boosting economic development through faster adoption and integration of artificial intelligence (AI). It seeks to connect researchers and industries to establish Canada as a global AI development hub.

There are five Superclusters in total under the Innovation Supercluster Initiative:

  1. Supply Chains and Logistics Excellence AI (SCALE.AI) – Quebec
  2. Digital Technology Supercluster – British Columbia
  3. Next Generation Manufacturing Supercluster – Ontario
  4. Ocean Supercluster – Atlantic Canada
  5. Protein Industries Supercluster – Prairie Provinces

SCALE.AI will provide up to 40% of eligible costs for projects that can accelerate the adoption and commercialization of AI for supply chains.

The program is currently open and accepting applications on a first-come, first-served basis.

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