The Health Technology Exchange

HTX supports new and established Ontario-based companies so they can develop, produce and commercialize enhanced Medical and Assistive Technologies (MATs). Market area’s of particular interest include: medical devices, diagnostic & medical imaging, healthcare IT and wireless health (smart devices) and lastly, assistive devices & home healthcare. The Health Technology Exchange funds projects that promote partnerships among stakeholders and their funding programs include: product development, clinical validation, technology assessment and procurement & market development.

The Health Technology and Commercialization Program (HTCP)

This is a funding program designed to enhance and support Ontario’s Medical and Assistive Technology (MAT) cluster. The priority is to fund development projects led by Ontario-based companies, large and small, that use existing and new MAT partnerships. The primary focus of the project should be on the commerical advancement of a new product developed with a project partner. (Partners include multinational and local companies, and academic and healthcare institutional organizations.)

Specific Funding Programs within HTCP

1. Innovation and Development Program (IDP)

This program is for development projects that advance existing prototypes towards commercialization. Eligible projects include SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) led projects partnered with an academic institution or healthcare organization. The project should focus on the advancement of new products and drive them into the market. Qualifying project partners include Ontario-SMEs, academic institutions or healthcare organizations. The total project value is expected to be around $200K up to a two year period, and HTCP will cover 50% of the cost. Their contribution will be performance based-loans or convertible debentures.

2. Technology Acceleration Program (TAP)

This program is for advanced stage development projects. Eligible projects must be related to advanced-stage product development and qualifying projects received from Ontario-based SMEs.
The total project value is expected to be between $250K to $1.5 million and HTCP will cover up to 50% of the total cost. Contributions will be in the form of performance based-loans or convertible debentures.

3. Technology Implementation Program (TIP)

This program is for clinical evaluation or technical assessment of new MAT products. Qualifying projects include the installation or procurement of an Ontario developed MAT device for the purposes of preliminary clinical evaluation or assessment of Ontario health care organizations. Eligible project partners include Ontario-based publicly funded hospitals, rehab centres of healthcare agencies. The total project value is estimated to be approximately $200K for up to two years, and HTCP will contribute up to 50% of the total value. Contributions will be in the form of a performance-based loan.

4. Ontario Sells Program (OSP)

This program supports projects targeting international sales of Ontario developed MAT products. Eligible projects include supporting sales and marketing efforts of products made in Ontario to international markets. No project partner is required for this program, and eligible applicants are Ontario-based SMEs. The total value of the project is estimated to be around $100K and HTCP can contribute up to 50% of the total value, with contributions in the form of performance-based loans.

5. Ontario Flagship Program (OFP)

This program supports anchoring MNE (Multinational Entreprises) led R&D mandates in Ontario. Eligible projects include advanced stage product development programs, based in Ontario, supporting global R&D mandates. Qualifying project partners include Ontario-based SMEs, academic institutions or healthcare organizations. The total value of the project is expected to range from $1.5M to $15M up to a five year period. The HTCP contribution is 15% of the total value, and contributions consist of performance-based loans and grants.

Learn More About HTX and Other Government Funding

If you are interested in any of these Health Technology Exchange funding opportunities, or would like to learn more about other available government funding, please contact Mentor Works. We offer also conduct free informational workshops bi-weekly in Cambridge and Burlington, Ontario, so please feel free to register for one of our free government funding workshops.

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