Small Business Funding Success: Chudleigh’s Ltd.

Chudleighs Small Business Funding Success

Milton, Ontario business, Chudleigh’s Ltd., produces and processes high quality dessert food products. Their 100-acre apple farm and 82,000 sq. ft processing facility provides Chudleigh’s with the ability to deliver fresh, locally-sourced food to consumers in Canada and across the world. Chudleigh’s most successful and recognized product, the Apple Blossom®, is a favourite among both domestic and international consumers; more than 70% of the company’s products are exported to the United States, Asia, Europe, and Mexico. With growing demand for their products, Chudleigh’s searched for ways to upscale their operations to capitalize on emerging business opportunities. After extensive evaluation of their funding and business growth options, Chudleigh’s decided to access Canadian government funding programs to help finance their growth.

New Resource: Chudleigh’s Ltd. Small Business Funding Success [Infographic] – Chudleigh’s Ltd. Has been able to leverage Canadian government funding programs to extend cash flow and capitalize on business opportunities. This infographic shows the funding programs Chudleigh’s has used and key impacts that have resulted from receiving government business grants.

Canadian Business Funding Success Infographic: Chudleigh’s

Chudleigh’s has benefitted from a proactive business funding strategy that finances projects with government grants and loans. Their forward-thinking management team plans projects internally, then contacts Mentor Works to discover suitable funding and support the funding application process. This practice has led to Chudleigh’s receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars in government business grants to implement training and business expansion projects. By matching their business’ growth priorities to available government funding programs, Mentor Works has helped Chudleigh’s subsidize projects that would’ve otherwise been too costly.

Canadian businesses who have had limited exposure to government funding programs in the past might find it difficult to visualize the substantial impact that grants and loans can have. Because of this, Mentor Works identified several of the government funding programs used by Chudleigh’s, as well as how those programs were used to improve the business. The infographic reveals how Chudleigh’s has benefitted, and how your business could do the same. View this infographic to reveal potential business projects that are able to receive Canadian government funding support.


Economic Opportunities for Ontario’s Agri-Food Industry

Ontario’s food and beverage processing industry is an international leader, providing quality products and value-added services for consumers across the world. Generating over $41 billion in annual revenue and providing employment for over 130,000 Ontarians, food and beverage processing companies stimulate long-term economic growth across the country.

Many factors have led to the success of these companies, including the provision of Ontario government grants to help extend cash flow and make strategic investments. Many food and beverage processors capitalize on these initiatives and are beginning to reap the rewards of their proactive business planning. Capital investments, research and development activities, export market development and workforce training programs can all receive funding from a variety of government sources.

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