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HTX Ontario Flagship Program: Healthcare/Medical Funding

Health Technology Exchange (HTX) offers government funding for business to Ontario corporations that develop, produce and commercialize Medical and Assistive Technologies (MATs).
HTX Canadian Government Funding Qualifications
Ontario firms can qualify for government funding for small business under two different categories:

Qualifying applicant: Ontario-based MNE or new created Ontario-based subsidiary of the MNE.


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Small Business Grants Ontario Event: HTX Open House

The Health Technology Exchange (HTX) small business grants support emerging and established Ontario-based companies to develop, produce and commercialize innovative and marketing leading Medical and Assistive Technologies (MAT’s).   Every year, HTX holds its annual “Open House;” Ontario’s premier event for showcasing and celebrating MedTech Innovation.  This year the event

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Small Business Grants in Ontario: HTX Ontario Flagship Program

Health Technology Exchange (HTX) is a Canadian government funding program helps support emerging and established Ontario corporations to develop, produce and commercialize Medical and Assistive Technologies (MATs).  MATs include medical devices, diagnostic and medical imaging, healthcare IT and wireless health, and assistive devices and home healthcare.
Who is eligible for these small

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Health Technology Exchange (HTX) Funding Opportunities

The Health Technology Exchange (HTX) supports both emerging and established Ontario-based companies to develop, produce, and commercialize innovative market-leading Medical and Assistive Technologies (MATs). They offer support services and government funding for small business, providing organizations with consulting personnel in areas related to regulatory affairs, clinical evaluations, marketing, marketing intelligence,

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Ontario Flagship Program – Supporting Medical R&D in Ontario

More research is being conducted by Ontario’s Medical Technology Sector through Canada’s new business funding grants. The Health Technology Commercialization Program (HTCP) is a Canadian government funding program that is administered by The Health Technology Exchange (HTX) and the Ministry of Research and Innovation (MRI). The HTX received 14.2M in

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Pre-commercialization Business Development Fund (PBDF)

Ontario Life Science Entrepreneurs & Researchers
To transfer the speed of products from the lab to the market, Ontario Genomics Institute (OGI) management provides early-stage investment funds up to $100k per project as an investment fund.  The project must involve genomics, proteomics or associated technologies that are or have been key

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The Health Technology Exchange

HTX supports new and established Ontario-based companies so they can develop, produce and commercialize enhanced Medical and Assistive Technologies (MATs). Market area’s of particular interest include: medical devices, diagnostic & medical imaging, healthcare IT and wireless health (smart devices) and lastly, assistive devices & home healthcare. The Health Technology Exchange

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Ontario Flagship Program – Anchoring Global Medical R&D to Ontario

The Health Technology Exchange is providing assistance to Ontario-based medical manufacturers looking to keep large-scale global R&D projects in Ontario. The Ontario Flagship Program aims to take advantage of Ontario’s high-skilled researchers and resources by providing financial aid to keep R&D activities from being outsourced internationally.
Funding Amount & Eligibility
The Ontario

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