Accessing Government Funding for Manufacturers –Presented by Richter LLP

Small and Medium-sized businesses from the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario are invited to attend a complimentary Canadian Small Business Grants, hosted by Richter LLP professional tax, audit, and risk management consultants.

mentor-works-richterCanadian Small Business Grants and Loans Workshop Preview

Learn more about Bernadeen McLeod’s Canadian government funding for small business presentation by clicking on the video above.

Canadian Government Grants and Loans Presentation Summary

Government small business grants and loans from municipal, provincial and federal levels are available; the challenge is how to find and take advantage of what is out there.  In Bernadeen’s presentation you will learn about financing trends, different types of government resources, and how to select and access the programs that will best fit the needs of your business.   Bernadeen will cover a wide gamut of programs including:  research and development funding, small business grants for hiring and training, Ontario business grants for expansion, and Canadian business grants for capital investment.

About Bernadeen McLeod, Canadian Government Funding Expert

Bernadeen McLeod is the Founder & Principal of Mentor Works Ltd.   After 18 years as a successful General Manager in the manufacturing sector Bernadeen has been helping small and medium-sized business owners grow their businesses while building team engagement and increased profits.   Bernadeen and her team of Canadian government funding experts support the identification of Canadian government grants and loans programs, application support, and the writing and several different types of grant applications and loan applications.  Bernadeen is passionate about helping businesses harness government funding opportunities while developing smart cash flow planning.

 Canadian Small Business Grants & Loans Workshop Details

Date/ Time: Thursday October 31st, 2013 from 7:45am to 10:00am

Location:  Richter LLP 2345 Yonge St., Suite 410

Canadian Business Grants & Loans for Manufacturers Agenda

  • Breakfast -7:45am
  • Presentation -8am to 9am
  • Case studies and Q&A session 9am to 10am

Register by Phone or Email:

Contact: Moon Panem

  • Phone: 416.488.2345 x 2229 or at
  • Email:

 Additional Information on Canadian Government Grants and Loans

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