Attend an Ontario Small Business Event in March 2016

Canadian Small Business Events and Government Funding Webinars

Canadian businesses of all sizes can attend networking, workshop, and conference opportunities throughout March 2016. As winter fades into spring, business owners and executives will want to ensure that they’re staying up to date on all industry and business funding news. Don’t miss your opportunity to learn about grants and loans from members of the Mentor Works team, who will be either speaking at, or attending the events listed below.

Not able to attend? Small business owners can access Canadian government funding information by registering for a business funding a webinar. Discover grants and loans specific to your industry, project type, or strategic growth plans.

Small Business Events to Attend in March 2016

To access more details and register for these small business events, please click on the event’s date and name.

March 4: Food Entrepreneurs: Building Ontario Innovation One Product at a Time

Hosted by the Agri-Food Management Institute (AMI) and Georgian College, this event will help agri-food entrepreneurs and small businesses to navigate complexities of Ontario’s food and beverage industry. This full-day conference will identify ways to become more innovative and how to build a successful team. Through several breakout sessions, attendees will have the opportunity to conceptualize and test new ideas that lead towards a more resilient, profitable company. Mentor Works’ Alexandra (Alex) Barlow will be attending this event to discuss Canadian government funding programs that are available for innovative food and beverage processors.

March 8: International Women’s Day Dinner – Ignite, Empower, Innovate

International Women’s Day highlights successful businesswomen from across Canada and around the world. Hosted for the fourth time by Innovation Guelph, the celebratory event will consist of a dinner and networking opportunities on March 8, with a full-day leadership conference on March 9. Mentor Works’ Business Development Executive, Alex Barlow, will be attending this event to discuss Ontario business funding for innovation, productivity enhancements, and workforce training.

March 10: FIRSt Industry Networking Breakfast (SOLD OUT)

The Food Innovation Research Studio (FIRSt) is an agri-food based business incubator in Toronto, Ontario. On March 10, FIRSt will be hosting a networking breakfast with guest speakers to inspire and educate agri-food entrepreneurs. Discover how FIRSt can help accelerate your product’s commercialization by touring their facilities and learning about their services. Attendees can meet with Alex Barlow, Business Development Executive, to discover Canadian government grants to develop and commercialize new products. This event is currently sold out.

March 22: Beyond the Barriers: OAC Research & Technology Day

Participants do not need to be an OAC member to register for this event.    

The Ontario Aerospace Council (OAC) represents approximately 220 companies from across the province by educating, collaborating, and innovating the industry. As part of this mission, OAC hosts several events, conferences, and trade shows to contribute new knowledge to their member organizations. At this event, participants will be able to receive unique information about performing research and technology development activities, some of which can receive government grants. Those in attendance can discuss some of these government funding programs with Mentor Works’ Business Development Executive, Jeff Dumart.

March 22: Fabtech Canada Convention

Fabtech Canada is the country’s most comprehensive event for metal fabricators, welders, formers, and finishers. Now in its fourth year, the convention continues to grow and showcase Canadian manufacturers from across the industry. Attendees can network with exhibitors, learn about products and technologies, and attend breakout sessions to continue their learning experience. Those attending the event will be able to discuss a wide variety of business funding options with Kerri Raposo and Jeff Dumart, Business Development Executives from Mentor Works.

March 31: Made in Canada 2016 OAC SODA

The Southern Ontario Defence Association (SODA) will be hosting an informational and networking event to promote the collaboration of Canadian defence companies and suppliers. ‘Made in Canada 2016’ will focus on the synergistic effects of a dependable supply chain, and how it can accelerate technology development and commercialization. Jeff Dumart will be in attendance to educate attendees on cash flow extension strategies, as well as collaborative R&D grant funding.

Canadian Government Funding Webinars – Find Small Business Grants in March 2016

To access more details and register for these webinars, please click on the event’s date and name.

March 4: Funding to Grow Your Automotive Manufacturing Business

Automotive manufacturers across Canada can receive government grants and loans for business expansion and research & development projects. Lucrative new investment opportunities are available for automotive parts and vehicle manufacturing businesses, such as the Automotive Innovation Fund (AIF), Automotive Supplier Innovation Program (ASIP), and the Jobs and Prosperity Fund (JPF). Join automotive industry expert, Kerri Raposo, for an in-depth discussion on how to access funding for business expansion activities.

March 7: Research Funding for Business Innovation

To become more competitive domestically and internationally, an increasing number of Canadian businesses are engaging in research and development projects. Although they are often the most innovative, small and mid-sized businesses lack the cash flow to develop or commercialize their innovations. New product or process development, productivity enhancements, and post-secondary collaboration projects can be supported through Canadian government funding. Discover opportunities such as IRAP funding, NSERC Engage grants, and the new Advancing Water Technologies (AWT) program.

March 15: Support Your Agri-Business’ Growth with Grant Funding

Several government incentives are available for agri-food producers and processors. Small business grants can be used to enhance productivity, hire new employees, and export to new international markets. In this agri-food funding webinar, Alex Barlow will identify incentives for Canadian businesses, such as Growing Forward 2, Agri-Marketing, and the Greenbelt Fund: Local Food Investment Fund.

March 21: Training (and Hiring) Grants to Strengthen Your Workforce

In order to grow, Canadian small and mid-sized businesses must develop a talented, educated, and cohesive workforce. This webinar primarily focuses on grants to train your employees through programs such as the Canada Job Grant, however business owners and executives should also know about new hiring incentives. Employers can receive grants and wage subsidies to hire recent post-secondary graduates or students returning to school in the fall. Access these Canadian government funding opportunities to optimize your team’s skill and value.

March 22: Funding to Grow Your Automotive Manufacturing Business (with APMA)

Automotive businesses, including suppliers, manufacturers, and assemblers, can access government funding to accelerate their growth. Adopting advanced technologies, performing research and development, and training your workforce can be awarded with government grants and loans. Join Mentor Works and the Automotive Parts Manufacturers’ Association (APMA) for a discussion on implementing projects that are aligned for Canadian government funding success.

March 31: Business Funding for Export Growth

Canadian businesses that are expanding into new markets can receive government funding for a range of projects. Assistance is available to conduct market research, participate in trade shows, translate marketing materials, or hire an export manager. Join Bernadeen McLeod, President and Founder of Mentor Works, to discover export expansion funding opportunities such as CanExport and Export Market Access (EMA).

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